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Comics Roundup #6: Free Comic Book Day Haul!

Hi Gang!
 It feels so good to be back you guys!! That cold put me out of commission for an entire week, but I refuse for it to get another one out of me! I'm finally getting around to writing about Free Comic Book Day, I got a pretty decent haul out of it, so I thought I'd explore it on the blog.
 I visited Queen City Comics and was able to get two of the free comics offered. The All-New, Different Avengers and Pokemon. Since it was the first time, I'd been in a comic shop for the past half a year or so, I decided that I would seize the opportunity to grab up some comics I had been hearing so much about.
 I picked up Gotham Academy 4,5,6 and the Annual. Batgirl #35-39 (I picked up 40 at C2E2). Storm #1. Spider-Gwen 1-3, Capture Creatures 3 and Scooby-doo Team up 2. So far, I've read all of Batgirl, I hate that I have to wait until June for #41, but I guess it isn't so bad, since I can pick up #1 of Black Canary at the same time.
 I realized I wasn't as big a fan of Spider-Gwen, as I thought I was. The art is kind of all over the place, and I wasn't very impressed with the story line. So I have decided to put issues One through Three in the Shop. I was really depressed that my local comic shop was out of Silk #1, It was probably the  one I was looking forward to the most, since they didn't have one, I decided to not pick it up.
 Wish I had ignored the responsible voice in my head and the ten issues of Storm like I wanted, I finished the first one, fell in love and now I want MORE! I accidentally picked up issue three of Capture Creatures instead of Issue two, so now I can't read it until I get the one that came before it. The only other comic I haven't read yet, would be the Team Up of Scooby-Doo.

What did you guys pick up on Free Comic Book Day?! Tell me on Twitter!

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