Spokhette On Youtube #74: Don't Judge a Blue by its cover! Speedpaint!

Hey Gang!

  I drew and painted this a while ago, but I never got around to editing it. Suddenly, I was hit with inspiration to tackle my backlog of videos that needed to be edited, and like a warrior, I descended upon the pile! Last week, I finished all of the old youtube videos that needed to be redone, and I was so excited to be able to get back to creating fresh video content! I missed youtube dearly!


I gave it this title because I thought I was being clever honestly. Generally, when you see a blue pokemon, they are water types, but I didn't want you to judge them, or stereotype them, so I threw in one that was blue " adjacent" one because I love Loudred but also because it's not a water type. I'm such a dork, I know. 

 I like the speedpaints, because I want 2018 to be a more creative year and I'm already spending the time painting or drawing, so why not record it for you?! Pokemon are my go to, just because I spent a lot of time with them. I'm hoping to expand to animals or people soon! I'm drawing people, specifically leading fictional ladies, in my April Art Challenge currently. week three is already up so go check it out! I'm wanting to scan all of them in, and paint them digitally and see how that goes, wish me luck!

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April Art Challenge Week Three

Hey Gang!

  I got really discouraged after Princess Peach, she was the decent into hell honestly. She wasn't as good as the other girls I had churned out, and then it just started to get worse as I went on. I tried to just keep pushing myself because I'm supposed to be drawing everyday and I've noticed that I'm more than lack luster on the weekend which puts each week back like two days. Sometimes, I even draw multiple things in a day so I don't have to draw on the weekend, sometimes I'm the worst. 


 Obviously, my favorite is Kiki, I really like the way it came out. Boy Wonder and I went to see The Cat Returns on Monday, as it's part of the Ghibli Fest and got me thinking about other ghibli films and their heroines. Kiki is one of my favorite ghibli characters and my favorite movie. 

 I can't believe April is almost over, I obviously have quite a few images to catch up on but I like that it's been inspiring me to draw more and more. 

Have you been drawing this week?

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Series #53: New Game Season One

Hey Gang!

  So, I finished the first season of New Game over the weekend and my heart still is not repaired. I wrote a little about it a few years ago, I did a series post about the first four episodes, but then I kind of just fell off and watched it every once in a while. I only had episodes 9-13 left, and that was definitely detrimental to my tear ducts.


 New Game is animated by Doga Koba and licensed by Funimation, which means you can watch both seasons on Crunchyroll, I knew there was a reason I kept it around. So, New Game follows a fresh out of Highschool adult, Aoba, who gets her dream job at a game company. Eagle Jump is an ALL FEMALE game development company who are currently working on Fairies Story Three.


 You meet a whole host of awesome and adorable female characters who help Aoba and themselves to the development deadline for their new game. This anime is considered a comedy slice of life, which I think works quite well as a descriptor. I wish Eagle Jump was real, I'd work there in a heartbeat. They have a studio cat, who just wanders around and gets love , who doesn't want to work somewhere that has a cat?! 


 My Favorite characters have to be Hifumi, Ko, and Umiko. I love how Umiko is so militant with a soft center, she's so into military history and loves to go ham with a paintball gun. The Paintball episode was amazing, I think it might be one of my favorites.


Ko is the lead character designer, and she is in charge of making sure the art is done on time,  and that they stay on track, without being overbearing. I love how laid back she is, and the fact that she sleeps pantsless in the studio, even though she has her own apartment because she's so committed to her work. 


 Hifumi is my favorite because she's so quiet, but all she wants to do is socialize with everyone else. She has a pet hedgehog, who she dotes on, and I never thought hedgehogs were adorable, but she definitely takes the cake. She even cosplays at the game industry convention, and everyone is so into her costume, but she gets embarrassed and tries to hide when she sees her friends/coworkers. She's so adorable. 


 They finished out the season, by releasing Fairy Story three, and almost revealing the twist and waiting in line to get the limited edition toys with their game. Ko is promoted to the Art Director for the next season, and just like Aoba, I will follow you as well!! 

 I'm so excited for the next season! Are you?

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Series #52: How to Get Away With Murder Season 3

 Hey Gang!

  I finished Season three last night and I have got so much to say! This season was definitely a blur of drama, deceit and of course murder. When the season started one of the biggest things for me was the breakup between Oliver and Connor. I always thought they would be a relationship that lasted at least the show.  The biggest issue that I had was Oliver was super selfish, it was obvious that they still had feeling for each other, and it became true at the end of the season when Oliver asks Connor to marry him, honestly, I’d be concerned if he had ill intentions, no matter how sweet Oliver appears. 


 A lot of things surprised me this season, the house burning down, and the loss of someone, which they don't reveal until the last four episodes, so then you're just chomping on the bit to figure out who gets it. I definitely didn't see Laurel and Wes coming like they were hinting at it, but it was too weird, and plus there was Meggy and then it was like "Just kidding" they're in love! 


 I was a little surprised at how buck wild ADA Atwood got this season. She must have been feeling pretty bold because she was just coming at Annaliese reckless and I'm surprised she didn't lose more than her position! Being obsessed with Annaliese was definitely her downfall, but you almost want to give her props for how underhanded she was. Pulling in Nate, enlisting the President of the University. 


 I was so surprised she spent so much time in jail. This was the first season Shonda didn't write it, and it shows. This season wasn't bad, but you could tell the writers didn't really have any love for Annaliese, this season has to have been the hardest on her. Getting caught up in jail, being accused of burning down her house, the death of Wes, Frank also being in jail, the Keating 5 turning on her sort of. Like Sheesh, cut her some slack. 


 I'm honestly astounded at how smoothly she always seems to come back. Sure she spends time in jail and lost her license to practice law, but at the end of the day she still comes up near or on top of the situation. I wonder how season four will treat her, she definitely could use a break. How has the DA not become Public Enemy #1? I was done with him long before he kidnapped Connor, but I literally don't see how he doesn't go down next season, he's a special kind of cruel.


This season was just sensory overload. I was happy, sad, confused, intrigued and just gripped by the drama. I can't wait to see what happens in the next season, and I'm hoping that the crossover episodes come out soon because that was the whole reason I started this binge-watching journey. 

What did you think of this season? Let's exchange theories on Twitter

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Spokhette On Youtube #73: Target Haul

Hey Gang!

  I know it’s been a while since the last time I posted a YouTube video but I wanted everything a certain way and I had to take everything down to do it. So after editing 73 episodes of Spokhette On YouTube, I finally have it together enough to start creating new YouTube content. I had to stop at Target to pick up cat litter a couple of nights ago and wound up walking away with a bunch more things. 

 I thought it would be fun to show you guys and talk about them in a different way, so that’s what happens in this video. Also, I am absolutely addicted to the squishies that I purchased and since purchasing, I keep it in my bag and with me all the time. Aggretsuko is my favorite and I definitely want to collect more. 

 I even found some YouTube videos that showed D.I.Y on how to make your own. I haven’t been able to find PU foam that they use for it, but I definitely will be looking into it. 


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Adventures With Spokhette #24: The Art Museum

Hey Gang!

 I know I've been talking about being more creative this year, but this post is all about the awesome shots, Sheneal and I got while we were exploring the art museum and the surrounding area. I have been trying to get over the weight of my dslr by carrying it around with me everywhere, and I may be developing arm muscles because of it! 


 We started on the outside of the museum and worked our way up to and through the second floor. There were lots of awesome figures, and frames that I latched on to, one day, I'll walk through there and photograph the actual people, but lets, be real people, baby steps are the plan here. 


 After exiting the Museum, we drove down the hill and photographed some adorable dogs and portraits of each other in and around the gazebo. There's just something about the Gazebo that speaks to me, it's just so beautiful. The flowers were much more in bloom this time, than they were during easter, I had so much fun getting really close and practicing some macro photography with the blooming foilage. 


  Sheneal and I both braved the rocky and broken ledge to get some awesome shots, I climbed my higher than her and instantly regretted it, it's a lot more uneven the higher you go, and my buttcheeks definitely did not approve. I do love the pictures I got of her, and she of me, while I was up there, so I guess it was worth it. 


 I'm thinking of getting a gopro, or something similar to put on top of my K1000, so I don't have to carry my phone in order to vlog it, I want to work on being able to bring photography to my youtube channel as well. 


Have you been to the art museum lately?

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