JRPG July #0: 9 Games you should Play.

Hey Gang!

  The awesome lady at Chic-Pixel is back at it once again! In January she put together a community post along to give some arcade fighters some much needed love. I participated in these posts. This month she’s back with JRPGs! Shedding some light, and giiving love to Japanese Role Playing Games that claim our hearts, and I want to do the same. 

  Here are 9 of my favorite titles, and why I love them. 

- Project X Zone 2: I personally hold this as my favorite crossover. You literally get to play as multiple characters in a melee button mashing masterpiece. An evil group opens black holes all over the time space continum, which brings characters from different franchises that probably would't have happened otherwise. I came across lifelong favorites, and new characters who quickly became new favorites. The nerd cred you'll receive from playing this game, and actually knowing the franchises the characters hail from is unparalled. It's the best. 


- Stella Glow: I drone on and on about how I'm not patient enough for turnbased gameplay, but the reason Stella Glow made the list, is that it is a very limited area of movement. Which to most people would be a turn off, but there are only two pet peeves to playing role playing games, getting stuck in a battle that takes forever, OR getting lost forever. Without the ability to actually move and explore, it cuts out a lot of time that would be wasted by me anyway. You still have the ability to "explore" and collect items and powerups, but you don't have the aspect of getting lost and battle monsters over and over again. Plus the story is super interesting and I love the characters. 


- Persona Q: Cuz Duh! Persona, is a gaming series that I would be very remiss not to include in this list. Everyone has played some type of Persona at some point in their lives, I'm still on the lookout for the dancing game, but I'll find it eventually. Persona Q is adorable versions of characters whom can be found in 3 and 4, and you play in a dungeonesque environment that absolutely resembles Wonderland. What more do you need?


- Pokemon: I repeat Duh, With a tattoo of a Legendary on my right shoulder blade, and a cosplay picture of an alolan Vulpix in the side bar, is there any doubt that Pokemon would be on my list. You are traveling the world, capturing pocket monsters and bettering yourself against Gym trainers, its' totally a JRPG, and if you don't think so FIght me!


- Root Letter: I feel like Visual Novels would definitely fall into this list, and with the next four games all belonging to the Ps Vita, I feel like definitely fit the bill. You follow a character trying to solve a mystery, after years of not hearing from his pen pal, he comes across a new letter, unpostmarked on his shelf, and thus starts the mission of trying to find her. Only when he gets to her villaige does he find out that she's been dead for years.


Dangangronpa: A group of extraordinary students are admitted to an elite high school, only to find out that the principal is a homicidal teddy bear, adn the only way out of this hell school is to murder one of the other students and not get caught, what more could I want right?


- Bad Apple Wars: A school in heaven is split between two sets of students, those who assimilate and follow all the rules until they eventually lose everything that made them unique, and the "Bad Apples" who fight to find a way to escape and keep their uniqueness. 


- Bravely Default: One of the most beautiful JRPG's I've ever played in my life. This game belongs on the list even though I've been stuck in the same place for the past year and a half and it has turn based mechanics, I've been playing on and off for a while. You can chose different abilities which will decide your fate and path. You can be a monk, or a witch or any of the other options, and it makes the game a very enjoyable experience, even if you play thorugh multiple times. 


- Professor Layton: Because DUH.  With a tattoo on my inner wrist, there's no reason Hershel shouldn't be on my list. I own every game, every OST, and I've seen the movie. You follow Layton and his apprentice Luke, as he travels the world and solves mysteries through puzzles. Very challenging, very fun! Highly recommend. 


What JRPG's do you love playing? Let's Fangirl about it on Twitter!

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Comics #34: Nancy Drew #1 Spoiler Free

 Hey Gang!

  I talk about Nancy Drew all the time, as one of my favorite fictional detectives I am always on the lookout for new material. I've currently been reading through her Case Files Series. so when I found out that Dynamite was giving us a Nancy Drew series written by Kelly Thompson and illustrated by Jenn St-Onge, I, A knew I had to read it and B, definitely wanted to pick Jenn's brain about the series. You can read that interview here.


  I just finished the review for Issue 2 on Comicosity which went out last Wednesday, so I thought I would write about the first issue here. As soon as I saw the cover in Previews, I knew this was a comic I was going to want to read. Now that I’ve actually read it, I can’t wait to tell you why I was right.

This issue is great at introducing the cast of characters that are going to be in the series. So even if you’ve somehow never heard of Nancy Drew and her friends, you will not be lost in the shuffle. We find Nancy Drew, hanging on a rope, holding onto a goat, I was already hooked.


The art is bright and vibrant without being overtly peppy, which isn’t this Nancy’s vibe.  I think St-Onge did an amazing job of bringing Nancy into a more modern time. I love her style and think it will inspire quite a few cosplays in the future.

The story doesn’t take long to take off like a locomotive, so I was very excited about that. Nancy receives a very ominous anonymous letter made of magazine cut outs on the anniversary of her mother’s death which brings her back to a place, she didn’t think she would visit again.

image (2).png

I give this issue a 10 out of 10, it gave us a bit of backstory, introduced new characters well, and has intrigued me to get the next issue for the rest of the mystery. I can’t wait.

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Spokhette On Youtube #83: Late AF Nintendo E3 Games!

 Hey Gang!

 I know I'm a little late, but I think that just may be on brand for me. I watched Nintendo's Direct the day it came out, but I never actually got around to filming the video. So now I have, and it's up for your viewing pleasure. 

 Here are a few of the games I talk about in the video:

- Super Smash Brothers Ultimate


- SNK Heroines


- Octopath Traveler


- The World Ends with you Final Remix


- Toad Tracker


 and more!

What were you looking forward too E3 Games too? Tell me about it on Twitter!

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Series #56: New Game Season 2 SPOILERS

 Hey Gang.

 I finished New Game last night, and the only thing I really have to say is WHY ARE THEY TRYING TO MAKE ME SO FUCKING SAD?! This post contains spoilers for the season, please don’t read any further if you haven’t watched all the episodes. If you are caught up forever, please read beyond the page break so you can feel all the feels with me. 


  Season two brings two new characters into the group. Momijichan the art intern who joins because she’d admired Yagami’s work. She brings along her best friend Narucchi who is a programmer. We also see Sakura return as a debugging hire, instead of a contractor. I was so looking forward to more Sakura and Umiko interaction, but there isn’t much to find in the episodes leading to the end of the season. 

  In this season, they’ve decided on a fantasy game about a little girl who can control stuffed animals to do her bidding, and a character named Peco who has the ability to use different powers, when wearing different animalesque costumes, which by itself would be absolutely adorable, but there are different bosses and ideas created and implemented by different members of the crew which made it even more awesome. 


 I really am sad, that none of these games actually exist, because I would love the chance to play Peco. This anime actually gave me flack for not trying more video games that I’ve come across, and has inspired me to play more, explore more, and write more. No point in staying complacent, when video games and technology is constantly changing around you. 

  This season was very much about the crews interactions with each other. The new girls feeling around for a spot on the team, worrying about whether they are competent enough to stay. Aoba using more of her skill set as she was chosen to be the Character Designer for Peco. We saw her doubt herself, push herself and ultimately rise to the occasion. We also got to see Yun sans, monsters in action which was pretty awesome. 


 Hifumi became the Character Team Leader, which was great because it helped slightly with her people phobia, and got her to open up a little more. I was excited because she’s one of my favorite characters and although she didn’t necessarily talk more, she had a lot more screen time! I really love that she uses the chat messenger to talk to her crew, and make sure things are going according to plan. 

 I really hope there’s another season because two wasn’t enough for me, and the finale made my heart hurt in a way that only another season can fix. The gang completes the game, even after a snafu occurs in which an entire section of code needs to be re-written and debugged. On the pre-release day, Yumiko introduces Aoba onto the stage, so that the press can meet, the hear and brains behind the operation, as she will be leaving and heading to France to work on a new game, and learn from the experience. 


 Yumiko leaving and all of the girls telling her how she made them feel, and how she inspired them, definitely pulled on my heart strings and I definitely cried. It just felt like the end of an era, even though KO was such an important character for the show and the other characters growth and development. This season was definitely all about the teams growth, although they still haven’t grown enough to know when they’ve had too much alcohol. 

What did you think about New Game? Do you hope there’s another season? Let’s Chat on Twitter.

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Series #55: Cloak and Dagger S1 Ep 1 + 2 Spoilers

 Hey Gang!

Within the last couple of years, Marvel has done a significant amount of television programs. Some geared for adults, such as the rather dark series they’ve produced for Netflix, but then there are programs programmed for younger audiences, teenagers and up, such as The Runaways, and more recently Cloak and Dagger. 

 I’ve only read one Cloak and Dagger issue and it was really old and not great. I really don’t even remember what it was about. I know the gist of the story, so I went into this series with pretty open eyes. 


  The episodes have quite a bit of flashback quality to them. The story really begins while the main characters, Tyrone and Tilly are children. Tilly’s Father works for Roxxon, a corporation that does...something, and is rather hush hush. He picks her up from ballet practice during a terrible thunderstorm and is distracted by a phone call about one of the oil tankers that Roxxon owns. He’s trying to warn whomever on the phone that if it falls apart it would be catastrophic, as the tanker is literally falling apart in front of him, during the storm he’s hit by a semi, loses control of the car and they careen off the bridge and into the water. 

 Tyrone wanting to help his brother stay tough with his friends, goes behind his back and steals a car radio. He is discovered by his brother and they go to return the radio, suddenly they are caught in Police headlights, and they both begin to run, they end up on the pier, The brother raises his hands, while Tyrone hides and sees the whole thing, and during a thunderclap, one of the officers shoots the brother two times in the chest. He falls over the pier, and Tyrone follows trying to resucitate him, or even pull him up from the sea. 


 Somehow, the children find each other in the water, and whatever they were mining in the tanker, reaches both of them, and Tyrone pulls her out of the water. They awaken on a beach holding each other’s hand. Tilly wakes up, takes Tyrone’s hoodie and runs home.  Tyrone wakes up cold and alone. 

  There are heavy overtones about what every black parents fears for their children. Both children would have experienced death if not for whatever gave them powers. Even though Tyrone witnessed his brothers death, the police chief hid it all and blamed it on drugs, saying Billy had them in his system. It’s obviously a cover up, and drugs? Really, that’s so over done. 


 I think Tandy is very interesting as well, her father trying to do what’s right, and the company blames everything on his after his death. What in the hell was Raxxon developing that would cause them to have powers? I’m particularly fond of the fact that Tyrone’s powers are trying to help him solve who killed his brother, the flashback shows more about that night, and Vice. Officer Connors, killed his brother and asked his uncle to cover it up.

 I was definitely not expecting a catholic tilt to this series. It honestly really annoyed me that everything that Tyrone is feeling is legitimate especially on the court when that player was basically goading him, but everyone around him is telling him to let it go. Why do people of color always have to be the better person, the bigger man, while the ones actually causing the trouble always get away. I HATE THAT. 


  The biggest question I had for the second episode is why in the world is the mom packing heat? She’s hears a noise outside, and she automatically reaches for a gun, and cocks it? What is she expecting to be outside her door? I wonder what the next move is, Tyrone’s powers deposited him right in front of his poisoner, and then dropped him in front of Tandy at the precisely wrong moment. 

 There are six episodes available right now. I’m currently working on the next two. Are you watching? Let’s talk about it on Twitter!

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Handheld Mistress #42: Casings and Murder.

 Hey Gang!

  Welcome to another gaming post. This is happening. The biggest thing I love about The Switch is it's mobility. I can just pick up and go, and I don't need extra things. I have so much love for handheld systems. I'm going to talk about new accessories and games I've picked up recently. 

 The first thing I want to talk about is the new case I got for my Nintendo Switch System. I have a small case that just holds the console and I keep that in my bag, but since I visit my parents pretty often and am constantly dragging it around, I got this carrying case. It holds the dock, all four of my controllers, the controller grips, and it came with two containers for gaming cartridges and two cases for memory cards. I picked it up from GameStop.


 While I was there I was checking out the PSVita section (always) and came across Trigger Happy Havoc, also known as Danganronpa. The gist of this game is that there are a certain group of children who are accepted to this amazing highschool of Hope. Except they get there, and they're met with a homicidal teddy bear as a principal, who tells them the only way they'll ever be able to leave the school is to murder one of their classmates and escape without being caught. What more did I need? 


 I play quite a few games on my cellphone as well and one that I have been playing a lot lately is Final Taptasy. It's basically a dungeon crawler, where the more finger taps you can muster the faster you'll destroy the monsters. Also you are trying to save the princess, but she is literally kidnapped every new chapter.  It's a super fun time waster.


What have you been playing lately? Let's talk about it on Twitter.

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