Adventures with Spokhette #29: Hamilton

Hey Gang!

This won’t be the first time I talk about Hamilton, and honestly it probably won’t be the last. I discovered the Soundtrack on Youtube Two years ago and from then on I’ve been hooked. I know all the words to the soundtrack, have listened to the mixtape, and have learned several of the Hamildrops. Lin Manuel Miranda has created a masterpiece that will continue to inspire and invigorate generations long after has left us. He already has his legacy.


The reason I’m talking about it today, would be because I had the amazing opportunity to actually go see it in person. I’ve seen many ballets and shows in Cincinnati. Many of them in the Aronoff. I’ve even had recitals in their hallowed halls, but when I say I have NEVER SEEN A SOLD OUT SHOW like I did tonight would be an understatement. Every seat was filled, and the feeling of actually experiencing Hamilton can not be quantified.


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Adventures with Spokhette #28: Back To Back Concerts

Hey Gang!

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these kind of posts. A while ago, I had decided that they would do better on my photography site, but now I’m wondering why I thought that would be a good idea. I love music, I listen to all kinds, but I’ve never been one for concerts. I’m not a fan of being surrounded by people that I don’t know and I couldn’t be bothered to spend money on the tickets.

Top: Rue 21 and Black Jeans from walmart.

Top: Rue 21 and Black Jeans from walmart.

For some reason 2019 has changed this philosophy. I have three scheduled concerts to attend this year, so far, and I’ve already gone to two of them. In January, I went to US Bank Arena to see Panic At The Disco, which was absolutely mind blowing. I spent a pretty penny on tickets, but I was really surprised about how good the seats were! Not that it really mattered, once Brendon took the stage, literally no one sat back down, I stood for practically three hours making myself hoarse, by screaming out the lyrics. I went with my friend Sarah, and we had an absolute blast. I had no idea who the opening acts were, but they were getting down!


Last week, I went to go see Watsky at Bogarts and while the tickets were WAY more affordable, the parking was absolute shit. It was general admission, so I spent a good half of the show trying to get somewhere where I could see the full length of the stage. I wish I had been smarter and stood on the sides, those were the perfect vantage spots. I hadn’t heard of his opening acts, but I thoroughly enjoyed them! I went to this concert by myself because no one had any idea who I was going to go see, but they missed one hell of a concert. I’ve never been somewhere that allowed crowd surfing before, and it was as cool as it sounded.

White Tie Off Top from Rue 21 and Jeans from Walmart

White Tie Off Top from Rue 21 and Jeans from Walmart

I’ve really enjoyed the experiences, and I’ve started looking into more concerts in my area. In May, I’m going to see The 1975 and I’m so so excited! I decided that I was going to be more adventurous in 2019, and I’m glad to see myself keeping up with that promise to myself. I’m also just super excited to see how many concerts that I actually enjoy the headliner I can find in my hometown, the best part of these three concerts is that I don’t have to travel far, or worry about parking/hotel costs, which allow me to go to even more than normal because they aren’t a huge financial struggle.


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Octoween: The Rundown

Hey Gang!

Welcome to Octoween! Every year, I try my hardest to create Halloween centric content all month. This year, I’m trying to do more cosplay and D.I.Y. So here’s a list of costumes I’m hoping to finish this month, and show you how you can make a version yourselves! This month is pretty ambitious so I apologize in advance if I don’t actually complete these costumes, but this is the goal.

There’s no way I’d be able to stitch up all of these costumes this month, so these will be closet cosplays, made out of clothes that are already made, and I already own. I chose all of these characters, because they had blonde hair and simple costumes, there’s no way to put a wig overtop my dreads, so I had to go with the hair I already had.

- Genderbent Fred: Supplies: Orange Ribbon, White Crop Top, Blue Sailor Shorts with Suspenders.


- Powergirl: Supplies: Red Cape and White Bodysuit.


- Ms. Marvel: Supplies: Red Cape, Black Bodysuit, and Black Gloves.


-AppleJack: Supplies: Cowboy Hat, Flannel Top, and Orange Bodysuit.


-Bowsette: Supplies: Black Bodysuit and Gold Crown. I’m forgoing the Turtle shell. My Bodysuit hasn’t come in yet. So I can’t take a picture of it, but since it’s my main costume for Halloween, I’m hoping it will come in in the next couple of weeks!

I’m going to try and do shoots outside of the house for each costume throughout the month of October! Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is released on Netflix on the 26th of October. I’ve decided to create a jacket design based off of their date reveal, and do a video review of each episode. I’ll be posting about the series and the D.I.Y. process, so follow me on youtube, and follow #caosreigns on twitter, because that will be my hashtag for the show!


For October, the Let’s Go On An Adventure will be Cemetery Tours! I’m so excited to show you a few awesome cemeteries in my city this month! There’s already one up on youtube as I walk you through a small cemetery near Kings Island. 


I look forward to spooking you all month!

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Spokhette On Youtube #88: Dogwood Cemetery Tour

Hello Gang!

Welcome to Octoween! Octoween is my series on Youtube for the month of October, it’s going to be chockful of spooky content! I’m super excited about being able to do some spooky content since I haven’t done any in a while! I thought it would be fun to take you on a tour of some of the cemeteries in my city!

The first place we visit is Dogwood Cemetery, which doesn’t have any sign, of the twelve graves, only 5 of them still had etching left on the tombs, the gate surrounding it is broken and decrepit and it’s on the property line of Kings Island.  Check out the video for the rest!


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Adventures with Spokhette #27: Shenanigans in Boudoir

 Hey Gang!

  I had the most awesome opportunity the other day. I was invited to a suicidegirls shootfest near me. Suicidegirls is an unconventional modeling site that highlights the unique things about women. Tattoos, Disabilities, body modifications, curvy girls, the list goes on. I love everything about this site and what their doing. 


 A shootfest is when a bunch of girls gather around and get sets done for the site, the girls come from all over and its a great community event. Since the girls are so spread sometimes the only time they get to shoot is at a shootfest, so I thought it would be cool to offer to do some promotional shots that they can use in their portfolio, or on Instagram in between their shoots since the queue is pretty stretched out.  To my surprise they accepted and my foray into boudoir and nude pinup began. It’s a glorious world, and I am so happy to be a part of it. 

  I’ll only be posting my favorites, and the safe for work ones, Many of the girls have private snapchats, or patrons if you are interested in more than that, you should definitely check those out. I’ll leave all the instagram links below, so you can go show them some love. 


 We got to know each other, played board games, and explored the city we were in. I had an absolute blast, and I can’t wait to do it again. 


Sohma  | Alice | Madness | Emily | Kenzoh | Cassidy | Sleuth

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Adventures W/Spokhette #26: Covington Pride

Hi Gang!

  June is Pride Month! Although, I try to celebrate LGBTQA's, everyday including myself, I have actually never attended a pride parade. I knew I was going to be stuck working during the Cincinnati Pride, so I decided to hop over the river and visit Covington's. Originally, I thought I would just hop into the parade but once I got there and saw all the people that I didn't know, I decided that I would just get some great shots! 

 I filmed the entire thing, including me getting lost and then just happening upon the front of the parade, but I'll just put pictures in this post, and I'll upload the video to youtube later. I've already got a video set up for this week, so it might be next week. 

 Here are a couple of my favorite shots. I'll be posting more of them on the photography blog and in my portfolio so make sure you check it out!!


Have you ever been to pride?! Give me your tips on Twitter!

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