Spokhette On Youtube #61: Grave Questions for Riverdale.

Hi Gang,

  Two weeks ago, Riverdale graced our lives with the premiere of the second season, and I totally filmed this in anticipation of the premiere, but of course, technical difficulties and life got in my way. 

  In this video, I travel to two different graveyards and talk about what I'm expecting in season 2 of Riverdale. I'm working hard to try and film in places that aren't my house, so hopefully, you guys are enjoying the content and the change of scenery. 

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     See what I did there?

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Filling Space: Thoughts on Youtube.

Hey Gang,

 You may or may not have noticed that Youtube has been lacking in the last month or so. I haven't completely been ignoring it, but the turnout on video to week ratio is abysmally low. This post is going to talk about that, I've talked about it a little here and there throughout my various social media, but I felt it would be best to hash it all out on my blog. That's what it's there for right? 

Beginning slate.jpg

 So many people talk about the separation from Online life and personal life, and a youtube can be a window inside. I wanted to cultivate a persona online, that was pretty close to my own, except I was so concerned about how this video would be received and I was concerned about saying something that would make me sound stupid. The reason the videos take so long is that I painstakingly edit what I am going to say, so I can't be misconstrued. It is tiring and time-consuming. 

 I felt like I didn't really have space in my house where I could film. I was always worried about something or other, and there was no separation. Which only made me more stressed out about the entire situation. Sometimes stress is good for people, it get's them off their butt and focused on something that they want to change about themselves, but for me, Stress, only makes me sad. Sleepy. Downtrodden. It makes me feel like I'm not good enough to do what I want because it isn't as easy as everything else that I enjoy doing. I do have to admit that a little bit of my stress is not really living up to the idea I had for my youtube. I have a pretty substantial youtube subscription list, and I watch a lot throughout the week, especially when work is slow, and my videos just weren't on the same levels of those I enjoyed watching. 


 My best advice would be never comparing your content or you with someone else. They got there because of their creative capabilities and their ideas, you two are not the same and you will have differences that can not be compared, that's why you are awesome and unique. It took me a while to figure that out, especially online. Everyone is so open and creative and I wanted to have space in the light. 

 I feel like I'm rambling now so I will start to wrap this up. I'm still new. I'm still learning and that is okay. I don't have to do what the others are doing and that's okay too. I want to bring back my youtube and make it unapologetically me. I will no longer worry about deadlines, freak out about new title designs I should use. I will edit my videos because I enjoy making them, and have fun doing it. I just want to have fun with youtube again. 


 My Youtube is under construction, You'll see that all of the videos are gone and that it looks like an empty space. I had to step away to decide if it was something I wanted to keep doing, and now I am bursting with creative thoughts on how to fill it and I can not wait to show you guys. 

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Spokhette On Youtube #55: Eco Friendly Earrings *Sponsored*

Hi Guys,

 I thought I would re-animate the youtube with a video about these awesome earrings! I was sent two pairs of earrings to review by the lovely people at Green Tree Jewelry. All pairs are Laser cut wood pieces, and their packaging is completely eco friendly, and 90% made of recyclable parts! 

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Spokhette On Youtube #53: Trailers vol. 13

HI Gang!

 I thought I would get some trailer loving in this month, because it's been a while since I talked about trailers, almost a month in fact! I've only got four for you but I was definitely a fan of these! Watch the video to find out why. Also, as always don't forget to like, share and subscribe! Let's get Nerdette Minute to 40 subscribers!

 Movies Featured:

- American Assassin. 9.15.17

- Feed. 7.18.17

- Coin Heist. Available now

- Happy Death Day. 10.13.17

What films are you interested in? Let's Fangirl on Twitter about them! 

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Novels #13: PotterWeek #2: Magical Item Wishlist

Hi, Gang!

   I thought it would be fun to continue with Potter Week even though the anniversary was on Monday! Today also counts as my Nerdette Minute Video of the week, and I am fangirling over magical items I wish I owned. Don't forget to leave your items below in the comments or on Twitter, so we can fangirl about them! 

Here's My List:

Howlers: I would love to have these evil red letters tell Trump how I really feel, every day for the rest of his life. I would want an endless supply of howlers. 

Wizard Chess: Who wouldn't want a chess board that would beat the crap out of each other everytime you took (or lost) a piece? 

Wand: Does this even need an explanation? 

Endless Bag: What girl doesn't dream of finding the perfect balance between carrying their life and looking adorable at the same time. 

Portkey + Broom: I feel like these go together. Travel is essential, and these two items would help me get to my destination, quick fast and in a hurry. 

Pensieve: As a journal keeper, just being able to pull my day from my head and drop it in a pot, and still have the ability to remember it sounds amazing. So much better than getting finger cramps from writing everything down. 

Invisibility Cloak: Who wouldn't want to be invisible every now and again? Think of all the naughty fun you could get up too...

 What Items are on your list? Let's Fangirl on Twitter and Instagram!

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Spokhette On Youtube #49: Josie and The Pussycats

Hi Guys! 

 On the bend of completing another series, I thought it would be fun to keep up with the videos. So Far, I've fallen in love with The Drak Pack, Finished Season 1 of Detective Conan, and have now completed Josie and the Pussycats. Now, in case you didn't know, Josie and The Pussycats had another series; Josie in Space, I've only seen one episode so far, but I know I'll be watching that and writing it up as well! 

 I'm talking about a few things that I didn't like , including Alexandria's troublesomness and things that I did like about the series, such as Valerie's Brilliance. As Always, please give my video a watch, like and subscribe so I can keep making content for you. When you comment on my videos or my posts, it shows me that you are interested in that particular topic, and that helps me decide what to write about on Nerdette At Large. 

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