Spokhette On Youtube #86: Let's Go On An Adventure

Hey Gang!

I’ve uploaded three videos to Youtube in the last week, what in the world is going on?! I don’t think I’ve ever been more on top of it than this! I’m pretty proud of myself honestly. I got the chance to wander around downtown, which almost never happens, and I thought I would film it. I wind up wandering through Cappels, which is so huge that its’ split into two stores! One store is full of Party supplies, this is the one I visited. The Second one is full of costumes. I thought this store would be smaller, but it had a second floor! So of course I had to check it out.


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A Chat With: Rachel Smythe

Hey gang!

Have I got an awesome interview for you today! I came across Lore: Olympus as an ad on Instagram a couple of months ago, and after reading the very first chapter I knew I needed to have the writer and Artist on the blog! The coolest part, is that they’re both the same person! Lore Olympus is a webcomic about the romance between Persephone (my favorite goddess) and Hades, and includes a huge amount of gods and goddesses from Mt. Olympus. Rachel Smythe is super cool and I had to pick her brain about her creation.


 NAL: Tell us about yourself.

RS: I'm a small, angry woman from New Zealand.  I have wrinkles around the upper nose from being judgemental. I really like coffee, snacks, and podcasts.   

NAL: Walk us through a normal day.

RS: I'm self-employed, so I work from home. That being the case, I always make sure that I get up before 9 am and follow a regular routine to avoid bad habits.  

I normally do about half an hour admin before I settle into drawing for the day.  I use a lot of timers to keep myself on track. Using a timer also helps me remember to stretch and take breaks.  I used the pomodoro technique to keep myself focused.  

If the weather is good I'll take my ipad pro and go draw somewhere that's more interesting than my office.

NAL: Do you have any tattoos?

RS: I have one on my wrist. It's an abstract pattern in a circle shape. I know what it is, but no one else needs to.  

NAL: If you could live in any fandom what would you choose and why?

RS: Probably the Dragon Ball Z universe because I like their goofy, expressive eyes.  


NAL: As a creator, who would be in your dream team up?

RS: I'm not sure if this counts but I'd really like to share an office with James Baxter.   

NAL: What are some of your favorite movies?

RS: Dancer in the Dark, Neon Demon, Fantasia and it’s not a movie but Hannibal.

NAL: Who are some of the people that inspire you?

RS: Don Bluth, James Baxter, Mary Blair, Rebecca sugar, My family and friends. 

NAL: Why Greek Mythology?

RS: I love these Gods, they are flawed and relatable.

NAL: What's your creative process?

RS: In terms of writing, I'll draft out some key dramatic events. Then I'll try to join them together.  For Example:

• Hades and Zeus are buying matching watches.

• Hades and Zeus wake up from being blackout drunk in the fitting room a wedding dress shop.

How did they get from point a to point b? That's the fun part.   

For each chapter, I write a script and then make a draft comic based on the script. I don't always stick to the script, sometimes the drawings will help me write better dialog.


NAL: How would you describe your art style?

RS: Expressive colour blocking?

NAL: If you were a part of Olympus, which God or Goddess would you be?

RS: Nike the goddess of victory, for sure.

Lore Olympus is updated every Sunday. Don’t forget to visit Rachel Online!

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Spokhette On Youtube #85: A Week of Book Hauls

Hey Gang!

I took a bit of a break from Youtube a couple of months ago. I needed to gather my wits and replenish my creative energy. I’ve taken the break to create some new videos and perhaps even try something new! I went a little crazy three weeks ago and grabbed quite a few novels from Amazon for my brand new and completely empty bookshelves I had picked up. I wanted to do more bookish content, so I thought it would be fun to film what I got and talk about why I ordered them.


This video follows a school week, so books arrived on Monday - Friday. Here are a few of the novels I received.

  • I Dreamed I Married Perry Mason by Susan Kandel

  • A Study In Charlotte by Brittany Caravallo

  • A Curious Beginning by Deanna Raybourn

  • The Dark Stairs by Betsy Byars

Watch the video for all of the titles I purchased, and let me know what you bought! I love adding books to my TBR. Don’t forget to like and subscribe!

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Series #59: YOU Season one: Pilot

Hey Gang!

I actually had the opportunity to read You by Caroline Kepnes at the beginning of the year, and I was so enthralled. You is about a boy who falls in love with a girl, and becomes obsessed. He stalks her, follows her home, strategically studies her life so he can find the best way to “run into her” and have her fall in love with him. The novel was striking, terrifying, electrifying and really made me think about what I share about myself online.


I’d heard that You was going to be adapted into a mini series and I was excited because the book was just that good, you didn’t want it to end. Then I saw the trailer, and knew I was going to be watching it. Our Main Character Joe, is played by Penn Badgley, Gossip Girl Fame, and who didn’t love Dan? C’mon now. Last weekend the pilot aired, and it was so perfectly crafted from the novel, that I just know I’m going to be hooked.

In the Pilot, we meet our pivotal cast of characters. Joe Ginsberg, our stalker. Peach, Beck’s best friend. Benji the 3rd, Beck’s on and off again boyfriend. Guinevere Beck, our leading lady. She walks into Joe’s Bookstore looking for a Paula Fox, and his interest is kindled. She pays for her novel with a card, and now he has her full name. He begins to research her, because you have to be careful now a days, and through her social media, he uses google search on a photo and finds her home address.


Now I love a good scary movie, do not get me wrong. The reason people enjoy scary movies, is because its a step away from what they know. If you’re being chased by someone you aren’t going to run upstairs where you can escape. If someone is threatening you over the phone, you would hang up and call the police. You wouldn’t babysit in a home you don’t know and leave the windows open/unlocked. Its a power struggle because you know what you would do and you want those characters to do the same so they can be as safe as you are in real life.

The very real difference between horror novels and films compared to this television program is that everything that has happened so far and will continue to happen has probably happened to every person watching. I know just recently I used my card to buy books from my local book shop. I’ve had very “helpful” book clerks talk to me and follow me around the store. I’ve definitely been polite with people I come in contact with, possibly even flirted. I know I’ve taken photos of things and myself near, or at the front of my house. All of these things have happened to me, and have happened to Beck, except now Beck is being stalked.


This lifetime drama is doing what Lifetime does so well, scare the bejeezus out of you by showing you fictional depictions of things that can and MIGHT happen to you. You could be next, and thats why it’s going to be an amazing series. It’s taking Romantic Comedies, where most things happening now are done in the same context, but with a “non - threatening” man and so its deemed to be acceptable, because he gets the girl in the end.

You details the exact reason why when I and a man I do not know is near each other, I move. You details the exact reason why when I’ve noticed that someone is behind me and has been for more than 1 minute, my phone automatically switches to record sound, and video. You is exactly why I park as close to the front of wherever I am going as possible. You is exactly why I carry a personal alarm and mace.

You will scare the crap out of you and continue to keep you enthralled. Why aren’t you watching yet?

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Series #58: Shades of Blue Season 1

 Hey Gang!

  I started a new show a couple of days ago and I just had to tell you guys about it! Shades of Blue isn’t anything I’ve watched before. Of all the police dramas I’ve watched in my lifetime, I have never seen a show that stared nothing but complicit criminals parading as police officers, I’ve never seen vigilantes on a police force, and honestly, I can’t get enough. 


 You follow the 64th prescient in New York, led by LT. Matt Wozniak, a Bisexual devious mind in charge of keeping his crew together and helping them line their pockets performing slightly illegal deeds. The story starts with Woz’s second in command, Harlee being picked up by the FBI while trying to pull another bookie into their money racketeering scheme. 

 This FBI handler, Stahl wants her to turn on her teammates and Woz, whose like a father to her, or she will go to jail. As soon as I saw Stahl, I knew he wasn’t a good guy, and not just because he was on the wrong side of the protagonists. Something about him screamed corrupt and sexual but more on that later. 

 This show is so unique in that it isn’t painting its criminals in a light that makes you think of them differently, this show is very honest in its portrayal of its characters. I think its my favorite part honestly, the mystery isn’t who did it or even how it was done, but more in the mystery of human nature and just what a human being can do once they’ve been pushed far enough. What a person will do to protect themselves, and the ones they love. 


 It’s a unique way to tell a tried and true viewpoint on the human psyche and how it affects their ability to feel, act and deliberate fact from fiction. The second thing I love about this show is how fast paced it is. I was constantly holding my breath and sitting ramrod straight waiting for the next thing to happen, the next person to be betrayed, the next murder to be committed, the next heist to occur. 

 Shades of Blue will keep you on the edge of your chair, and wondering what will happen next with baited breath. It shot out of the gate with the speed of a locomotive and it had no thoughts of even possibly slowing down. The season finale culminated in more than 5 deaths, two FBI informants, $12 million dollars of missing money and one fall guy. I can’t wait to see what happens in season 2!

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August Favorites

Hey Gang!

 Can you believe it's September already? 2018 is zooming by and I'm so excited about it that I can't stand it. I got a couple of things done in the month of August that I'm pretty excited about and I can't wait to see what September brings. 

- Copious amounts of yarn and knitting. I wanted 2018 to be a more creative year, and I definitely did that! In July I finished three projects. Two from a pattern which I couldn't read before! I'm working on a Hooded Cape from We Are Knitters, and it's a lot more involved, I'm halfway through. I finished the cape, and I'm halfway through the hood and all that's left is the ears. This is the biggest project from a pattern I've every attempted so I'm pretty excited! My dad picked up some yarn at a sale, and I'm literally swimming in wool, I shouldn't have to pick up yarn for a year, I'm not exaggerating either. 


- Bringing back Outfit Posts. Boy Wonder and I went to the movies, and I had him take some pictures. So I started taking pictures almost every day since, I think I'm finally ready to start doing style posts again, I really missed them. 


- Starting to collect books again: Over the past couple of months, I've been collecting bookshelves, and if you're going to buy shelves, you've got to buy books to go on them! Amazon had a pretty decent deal on a few books I wanted to read, so I ordered about 15 of them! Check out my weekly vlog to see them all. It's been a while since I've actually owned novels, I generally get them from the library, it's nice to start building my own library. 


- Discovering The Legend of Luoxiaohei: I'd fallen down the instagram hole and came across these super simple animations of a girl, and her cat and I fell in love. So the Cat, Xiaohei, has a tail that can separate and become their own tiny entities and they get up to different things in every episode, I was so enamored I got the plushie! You should definitely check it out! 


- Interviewing Megamite Cosplay: I'm so in love with all of her cosplays! She's the cutest and I was so excited about having her on the blog, click here to read her interview! 


What did you do in August? Let's Chat about it on Twitter!

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