Novels #20: Book Haul #1

 Hey Gang!

  A Lot has happened in the last couple of weeks. I've been promoted and have quite enjoyed a nice pay raise. With more money, brings more books. I thought it would be fun to talk about the new books I've picked up lately, and since it happens about every two weeks, I thought it would become a thing. Besides, who doesn't like books?


 Since taking this picture, I have completed Truly, Madly, Deadly, and Consent. I've decided that the writing in Queen of Hearts isn't for me. I've just started actually following the pattern for the Bear Scoodie, in Knitted Animal scarves, mitts and socks. The Four small paperbacks are the continuation of the Anita Blake Series, they were a steal, I couldn't pass them up. So I have the first 8 now, and I'm still working on finishing the first one. 

 I read an ebook last week as well, Die For You by Amy Dominy, I reviewed it for Goodreads along with the before mentioned novels. My goal is to review every book I finish this year. I'm not doing too badly. I finished three books in a week! Not too shabby if I do say so myself since I doubled all week. 

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A Chat With: Robert Hack

 Hey Gang!

  I am so honored to bring you guys this interview today. I am talking to none other than THE ARTIST OF CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA!!! I am literally bouncing as I type this I am so excited and honored by the opportunity! I hope you guys enjoy learning about Robert as I did, and Make sure to give his social media all the love!!

NAL: What's your favorite project?

 RH: So far, it's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. it is the perfect combination of all the thing I like to draw. It's a grindhouse/horror homage, a period piece, and it's brilliantly written by the awesome Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. But honestly, I've stumbled into working on so many dream projects over the last few years: Sabrina, Doctor Who, Dirk Gently, James Bond, Batman and Superman, and pulp stuff like The Shadow... I am keenly aware of just how stupidly lucky I am.


NAL: How would you describe your art style?

RH: "Pulpy", I guess. Retro but Modern?

NAL: Sabrina's Greenlit for 2 seasons, who would you like to see in the cast?

RH: Talented actors. I can't wait to see who joins the cast, and what they do with the material. 

NAL: Who are some of your favorite artists?

RH: There are literally too many. Alex Toth, Mike Mignola, Al Williamson, Johnny Craig, Denys Cowan, Wally Wood, Jack Kirby, Alex Nino, Jackie Ormes, Dave Stevens, Francesco Francavilla, Ron Sala, Dan McDaid, Terry Beatty, Trina Robbins, Pete Morisi, Jordi Bernet... and I'm going to stop there before I name people all day. 


NAL: What inspires your art?

RH: Deadlines and not wanting to get evicted. ...Oh, and stuff like old pulp magazines, paperbacks, movie posters- I collect so much of that stuff. I should not be allowed to have an eBay account. It's like I'm building a museum of sleazy retro awesomeness around me. 

NAL: Walk us through a typical day for you?

RH: My day starts late. I have no love for mornings. If I don't have to be up, I'll skip them altogether. So, I get up in the afternoon, check the mail, open whatever came from eBay and head upstairs to my studio to work. Depending on deadlines I can be working 12-20 hours a day. 20 is rare, but it happens sometimes when I'm on a really tight deadline. I frequently get emergency cover gigs that have to be done overnight, and as daunting as that can be, I do love the challenge. Now I do slip away to eat, tweet, and exercise, ut a lot of time is spent at the drawing board. Typically I'll work until 6 or 7 AM and then back to bed. When deadlines aren't as immediate, I can even watch a movie, attempt to have a social life and go to bed at a more reasonable time, like 5 AM.

NAL: Do you have tattoos? If so, do you have a favorite? if not, why not?

RH: Technically yes, but actually no. I once stabbed myself on the tip of a crow quill pen and gave myself a permanent dot on my thumb, but that accidental tattoo doesn't really count and I haven't really considered getting a proper one. 

NAL: DC or Marvel?

RH: BOTH! All the comics! All. Of. Them. I never grew up with that debate. All comics were awesome. I grew up devouring any comics I could find. From the local library or yard sales or comic shop cheap bins. I read everything and loved it all. 


NAL: Favorite Movie?


NAL: Any advice for beginner artists?

RH: Keep drawing and never give up. Literally, that is why I have any kind of career. I saw so many friends (who were WAY better artists than me at the time), just quit. If you need the structure, go to art school. If you know that isn't for you, skip it. But always be drawing, always be learning, always strive to be a little bit better with every drawing. it took me about a decade not to suck, try to beat my time.

Check out his art on Instagram !

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On Youtube #10: Weekly Vlog #3

Hey Gang!!

 I'm so proud of myself for keeping up with these vlogs! If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know that I have the habit to fall off for a while, and then come back later. I'm trying to turn over a new leaf in 2018! I've been working a lot of hours though, so they may be getting shorter in the next couple of weeks, but I'm still going to strive to get them out. 

 This Vlog goes through the week of Christmas. Even though, I was the busiest in Christmas with visiting my familiies but I did most of that documentation on film and I haven't had the chance to get that developed yet. I can't wait to show you guys the prints, it's going to be a great youtube video in the future. 


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Art Wants of 2018

 Hey Gang!

 I am so excited about the fact that it's a new and fresh year! I thought it would be fun to tell you guys a few thoughts about the creative projects I want to create this year! I did a good job making last year a creative one, but I want to do even more this year! Here are a few things I want to accomplish. 

- I want to experiment with photography as well. I have a secret project that I will be working on throughout the year. I hope I can complete at least three of them before 2019!

- Attempt Embroidery Hoop Screenprinting

- Create My Own T-shirt design


- Design a Tote Bag. 

- Shoot 3 film Rolls, and develop the prints. (I'll have this completed by the 8th, so I'm going to up the number a bit. )

- Draw more Pokemon. There are only 31 pages left in my sketchbook.


- I bought a Watercolor book, so I want to do more painting. 

- I have a brother everything in one, and I want to start using it more. I want to scan in my drawings and practice painting them digitally. 

- I want to paint more pumpkins. 

- I want to shoot a black and white roll of film. 

- I want to experiment more with my videos. I want to do different types, and film with different things. 

- I want to try to turn out more content, I want to try for four posts a week. 

- I want to do D.I.Y. At Least 2 projects this year. 

- I also want to do more knitting this year. I didn't knit a single thing in 2017! I want to change that this year. 

What are some creative projects you want to accomplish this year?

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2018 Goals!

 Hi gang!

 I know I do this every year, but it helps me keep track of goals and the way I want the year to go. For 2017, I definitely strayed away from my goals, but I did finish a few of them. Here is what I wanted to accomplish last year. 


- 100 Blogloving Followers. 

- 80 Youtube Subscribers.

- 700 Twitter Followers

- 450 Instagram Followers.

- Get Two Tattoos

- Attend Two Conventions.

- Stream Once a Week.

- Publish 3 youtube videos a month.

When I moved Nerdette At Large to Squarespace, I pretty much had to start over on bloglovin. So where as in 2016, I had 60 bloglovin followers and 100 didn't seem so far away, that's not the case now. I definitely failed to stream once a week, because I had been working two jobs and it ust got so stressful any time I wasn't working, I was sleeping. Definitely no room for games. I only attended one convention because of work time constraints. I know my youtube took a dip, but I'm not sure because I was super reckless and decided I wanted a completely fresh start and deleted everything. *Sigh*.

 I did however get WAY more than two tattoos. I got four tattoos in 2017! I'm so excited about adding more art to my body. I passed 450 instagram followers but definitely stalled on twitter. Here's a few things I want to accomplish in 2018. 


- I'd like to hit 50 subscribers on Youtube. Now that I'm doing Weekly Vlogs and I have an easy way to consistently get content up, I don't think it is such an unreachable goal. 

- I'd like to get my Bloglovin' to 20 followers before the end of the year. 

- I'd like to get my twitter to 680 followers by the end of the year. 

- I'd like to get Instagram to 480 followers by the end of the year. 

- I want to add at least 2 new tattoos to this canvas by the end of the year. 

- I want to make 3 costumes this year. 

- I want to try to stream once a week, I've had this for two years in a row, so I'm hoping that it will actually happen this year. 

What are some things you want to accomplish in 2018? Let's Psych each other up on Twitter!

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A Chat With: Ursula Decay

Hey Gang!!

  I'm so excited about the new year! Can you believe it? We survived 2017! I have a lot of ideas for Nerdette At Large in 2018, so thanks for sticking with me. I'd love to introduce you to Ursula Decay today. An awesome Illustrator, I came across her twitter and was instantly addicted, I'm so honored to have her on my site today! Keep reading to learn more about her and her work!


NAL: How would you describe your art style?
UD: I am heavily influenced by the color palettes of the 80's and 90's. Lots of either pastel colors or really grungey colors. I grew up with a lot of stuff from older cousins: JEM, Care Bears, She-Ra, Rainbow Bright, 80's Barbies. So that really had an impact on my art. I never got to have the "anime phase" haha I had an old cartoons phase and copying ads from old fashion magazines and that kind of grew into what I have now: a  not realistic but cartoony with real-ish proportion with a little bit of comic book-y ness and a lot of fashion influence, I'm making up words. 

NAL: What's your favorite thing about your art? 
UD: COLOR! I really like the colors I use. I spend a ridiculous amount of time collecting photos that have colors I like for inspo. It's my favorite part of the whole process too, just coloring.


NAL: Walk us through a typical day for you. 
UD: This is going to be really boring because I am a freelance artist that works from home, so 70% of my life is in PJ's. But it would be like Coffee, Check social media, emails, making to-do list for the day, check if there's a deadline due haha, DRAW DRAW DRAW, lunch, DRAW DRAW DRAW, break to play with my bunny and pomeranian, Draw, check social media AGAIN, I'm a weirdo... I don't have a car. so skateboard to buy stuff to make dinner, cook and either play some Overwatch or try to learn a new song on the guitar, watch trash TV or Crime Doc or anime, go to sleep.

NAL: Can you walk through your creative process?
UD: I am a reference junkie, so I gather a crazy amount of images, even if the image is not what I'm drawing exactly and just has a color combo or has a feel to it / aesthetic I want my drawing to have. I collect it and make a collage of all that. I just have that open on my screen and start sketching. I really love the look of sketches so I just color under that, woking kind of backward, color before line art. 

manson concert.png

NAL: Do you have any favorite artists?
UD: YES! Babs Tarr #1  my fav, Cameron Stewart. HIS LINES?? HAVE YOU SEEN THEM?? WOW!, Loish. Everyone loves Loish, Audra Auclair. so creative with color and subject matter, Mioree. just look her up you'll see why, Victoria Evans. so good with color, shape, and silhouette, god I have so much more. Basically, everyone, I retweet on twitter. I follow so many Amazing artists.

NAL: What are some of your favorite fandoms?
UD: Horror movies!! Movies by Tim Burton, Del Toro, Tarantino, Rob Zombie, Bands DANZIG, T.O.N, H.I.M, NIN, Stranger things, Sailor Moon FOREVER

NAL: Do you have any tattoos or body modifications? 
UD: Yes! I have a few Tattoos: some teeth on my arm, a sugar skull on my foot, a #13 on my ankle and an ice cream cone I did on myself when I worked as a tattoo apprentice back in school, had my dimples pierced my septum and have my ears stretched to 1 inch AND I WANT MORE!!


NAL: Does your art resemble you?
UD: I think so. I'm heavy into Alternative fashion, punk, goth, metal head, rockabilly and everything in between and dress my characters in clothes and hairstyles I wear.

NAL: What advice would you give to beginning artists?
UD: Horse blinders. focus on you and working on getting better don't be jealous of peers and compare yourself harshly to them it really holds you back. look at other artists as motivators, when you see an awesome piece of art think "oh man I wanna go home and draw" not "they're so good I should quit." Draw what you love, use reference.

NAL: Dc or Marvel?                                                                                                                            UD: DC.

NAL: What's your favorite Movie?
UD: It's so hard to choose so it would be either Pan's Labyrinth or The Crow. Followed by, Jeepers Creepers, The Craft, and The Devil's Rejects.

goth adopt.png

 To learn more about Ursula, you can find her art here, and make sure you follow her on Instagram and Twitter! 

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