Novels #4: 20th anniversary of Harry Potter!

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  If you are new to my blog I would like to welcome you to something that I love doing, and if you've read my blog before then let me just say, I couldn't help myself and I am back at it again. Today, fans, readers, and film lovers alike will rejoice in celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Harry Potter Novels. I thought a fun way to celebrate the novels would be to talk about my favorite characters and perhaps a little back story into how I became part of this fandom. 

  When I discovered Harry Potter, it changed the way I read. I was already a huge reader as a child, we visited the library every tuesday. Whenever I go to my neighborhood library, there are librarians that recognize me from a child, and a little elderly one that asks me where my basket is. I devoured Harry Potter. 1-3 in about 6 days, it took me two days to read each novel, because my parents were determined that I actually slept. 

 The first time I stood in line for the releases of a Harry Potter novel was The Goblet of Fire, it began the tradition of getting dressed up and waiting in line for the latest potter story with my parents, who seemed to take turns every year. When My dad ran across the street to the Walmart to pick up Deathly Hallows for my birthday, I finished it that night, and I had cried so much that I had smeared the ink in the hardcover copy he had bought. A week later, I went and picked up a fresh copy. 

 This anniversary is a bittersweet celebration. I am so excited to write about how Harry Potter has affected my life, don't get me wrong. But during the move into the new house, I realized that there had been a flood in the basement at the old place. Boxes, that kept my book collection, on top of a low table, to keep the books off the floor, were destroyed. The house had a "gangster lean" and the low tables were no match for the flood. I wasn't able to save any novels, and I have two bookshelves in the new house with only 8 novels on them.

 I think I have gone on too much, so let's get on to my favorite characters!

  Hermione Granger: Part of the golden trio, she is the smartest witch of her age. One of my favorite things about Hermione is her ability to sacrifice herself for others. She is the embodiment of knowledge and courage, and I was very happy to be able to meet and grow with her throughout the series. 

 Angelina Johnson: One of the few black characters at Hogwarts. The issue and lack of inclusivity and diversity in Harry Potter is a topic that I chat about frequently on Twitter. Angelina was Gryffindor's Quidditch Captian and I loved her spunk. Although she was a "minor" character, I highly looked forward to anytime she was featured or mentioned. 


  Sirius Black: My Favorite Marauder. Turning into a big black dog, I was quite pleased when he was introduced in the Prisoner of Azkaban. I do wish they had been able to clear him, so he could have had a real life with Harry, as he was the closest thing he had to be with his actual father. 

  Luna Lovegood: My favorite Ravenclaw. I love how Luna was different and owned it. She didn't seem to be concerned about what others thought of her, and the knowledge and ability she possessed with the magical creatures she came in contact with were something I much enjoyed about her. I feel like Luna was the personification of what witches and wizards considered to be hippies. 

  You may have noticed that although I belong to Slytherin that there isn't a Slytherin or a Hufflepuff on my list. One of the things that I didn't enjoy about the books is that it seems like she purposely made people who belonged to Slytherin the worst of the worst. None of the characters that I can recall had any redeeming qualities other than Snape, and even then he's kind of mean too. 

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My Favorite LGBT Characters

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  As you may or may not know June is Pride Month. Pride is a month long celebration of people in the LGBTQAP Community. As a Bi woman who absolutely devours anything fictional and pop culture, I thought it would be a BLAST to talk about a few of my favorite fictional characters that fit the bill. I celebrate Pride every year, *honestly all year long* but I've never written about it on the blog, so I figured it was time to expand my horizons and let you know a little bit more about me! I tried really hard to add characters that fit all bills, but there are characters that I really like and as a BI woman there may be a lack of some representation. I apologize in advance, please educate me in the comments with your favorites!  So without further ado, here is a list of my favorite fictional characters that fit the LGBTQIAP Title. 

  Haruka Tenoh (Lesbian): I'll try to keep this brief, as my favorite sailor scout, I know I've talked about Haruka on the blog a lot. She was my first fictional lesbian representation, so she definitely belongs at the top of the list. Haruka, Sailor Uranus is in a relationship with Sailor Neptune.

  Selina Kyle (Bisexual): In Issue 35 of New 52, Valentine created a canonically bi Catwoman and my prayers of representation were answered. Sure Selina doesn't look anything like me, but as a comic book reader, how many women say they don't relate to her? The female badass that keeps Batman guessing, she's always been a hero of mine. 

 Diana Prince (Pan): Yes, you saw that right, The Premier Feminist icon, Wonder Woman is classified as Queer, they are running the line between Bi and Pan, so to include everyone I went with the latter. With the popularity of her amazing new movie, I'm sure lots of people will be flocking to read her new series, just not the one with her brother..because why? 

 Domino Swift (Lesbian): Lead character in Fletcher, Stewart + Tarr Dream Team Series, Motor Crush. She is a street racer, who witnesses a murder and mysteries ensue. Domino is in an on and off again relationship with her Ex, Lola, An absolutely adorable mechanic. Domino is one of the few black characters leading DC Comics at the moment. 

 Frankie Charles (Bisexual): Again, I'll try to keep this short, if you want to know more about Frankie read this. I was SUPER excited when Frankie was introduced in Tarr, Fletcher and Stewart's Batgirl. She's a computer genius and they laid the groundwork for her to become Oracle which as a Batman fangirl, was absolutely amazing. Frankie fits representation for me quite well, black, smart, and Bi, there was no hint of bi erasure which I was very thankful for. 

  Camille Engelson (Bisexual): Another character I talk about frequently. Stitchers has just hit Season 3,  in which they finally gave Camille a new love interest, Amanda the ME. She is so bad ass!!! I haven't seen enough of her to add her to my list of favorites yet, even though she is played by Anna Akana, who I adore. 

 Pippy Rosewood (Lesbian): One of my favorite mystery shows was Rosewood. It was cancelled after two seasons, but that didn't stop me from falling in love with Pippy's relationship with her fiance, TMI. Pippy, is stylish, has sarcastic wit (A must for a favorite character) and a bomb toxin specialist. 

 Khaldu'rahm (Gay): Known to many as Aqualad. Aqualad is both the one we know from Young Justice and a new personality in DC's Rebirth. Aqualad as a character has been around since the 60's and has undergone multiple recreations. I am excited to read Rebirth, I'm excited to know more about the new Jackson, and how he compares to Khaldur in Young Justice. 

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Nerdette Minute #53: Hospital Blues

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  While you may not have noticed a lull in content for the blog this past week, if you are following me on Instagram or Twitter, you will have no doubt seen lots of wonderful and concerned comments about a certain hospital visit. I want to let you know that I'm fine and healing, but I did want to talk about it here as well. 

 In July, I will be 26. I made it 25 years without going to the hospital for something that wasn't mandatory. My family has a lot of women in the nursing profession. Although, I batted the idea around for a while, I finally decided that it wasn't for me. However, having nurses around your daily life has quite a few gifts. 

 Last Monday, I was at work for a mandatory meeting, but it wasn't actually scheduled to work. Being the nice marshmallow *ahem* person that I am, I decided that I would save my fellow server from working a double and I would take the morning shift. The shift went absolutely fine, until I saw her walking in the front door.

 I had finished all of my outwork and was standing by the counter, minding my own business, waiting for her to clock in so I could go home and catch a nap. When suddenly, it happened. Out of nowhere there was a loud *u*k and a terrible crash, as a plate slipped off the shelf behind me, and even worse was the gasp of pain that I let out once the plate hit the floor.

 The plate had decided to cut me on the way down. Yep you read that right, I was sent to the hospital for the first time in 25 years, by a broken salad plate. The gash was so bad that I could actually see the inside of my leg. I've taken anatomy, I've seen gory horror films, and have watched quite a bit of Criminal Minds. I know what a human leg looks like, inside and out. It's a lot different when it is your own leg.

 Despite being slashed open and bleeding quite perfusely, it was very little pain. My boss bandaged me up with a towel and ducktape and then proceeded to drive me to the hospital. They numbed my wound, which was bad but not crazy serious. They stitched me up and just when I thought I was scott free, they decided to throw in a tetnus shot for good measure, on the same side of my body that had just been stitched up.

 I was given a doctor's note, and home rest for 4 days. Most people would have been excited about being stuck at home, and having lots of free time. Believe me, I was mildly interested in all the things I would be able to do since I was free from work for four days. By Thursday, I was raring to get back to my job!

 I got a few things done in the meantime though. Cleared two more worlds in Super Mario Brothers 3D. Completed Chibi Robo (more or less), Caught up on Stitchers and Pretty Little Liars, and cleaned the house. All in all, a decently productive time off.

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OOTD: I Saw Wonder Woman, and Lived.

Hi guys,

  Last Saturday, I went to our favorite theater and watched Wonder Woman in 3D with Alex. I will do a proper post all about the film after I see it again so I have a refreshed outlook, but let me just tell you that it was amazing. The soundtrack, the cinematography was breathtaking and the autonomy both Diana and Trevor had was absolutely refreshing. 

 I shared a small tear, but it wasn't sadness, it was literally how proud I was to be alive at a time that a film about a female hero could be created with such a refreshing amount of intersectionality in their feminism. DC really messed up not using their PR budget to the fullest, they really failed to make ms. Jenkins a Glass Cliff, her film was the best live action thing DC has made in decades. 

 In Monday's post, I shared a picture of me posing next to the display for Wonder Woman. I wanted to do a before and an after, but when I went back to where I remembered seeing it last, it wasn't there. It really made me unhappy that the film had only been out for two days, and they had already gotten rid of it, so I had to make do with the lit backdrop of her poster. 

 My dress is from Sourpuss Clothing and is created by Hellbunny. One of the things I like the most about sourpuss is that they have plus sizes. I'm annoyed that plus sizes are a thing, you should make clothing that is going to fit all women, you shouldn't have to separate and categorize them that way, but I would rather have a special grouping, then not able to wear it at all I suppose. 

We went to the store after the film and me still being full of fluffy good feelings about Wonder Woman, went slightly silly with the purchasing of her wares. It was awesome to me, she had pretty much her own aisle, full of dolls completely with action moves, she could pull an arrow, or put up her shield, they had pillows and throws, t-shirts, and a sword with a button that made 6 different battle sounds. 

 Now... Let's be honest here,  out of the things I just listed, what do you think I purchased? Spoiler, it wasn't the pillows and covers. I literally battled with myself for 10 minutes not to buy the barbie dolls.... I instead went with two t-shirts, the sword, and a poster. Also, in case you guys were not aware, I am an ABSOLUTE dork, and yes, I am in love with the sword, I plan on displaying it on a shelf in the living room. 

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Thanks Mr. West!

 Dear Mr. West,

   I am so sorry that you are gone. As a lifelong fan of Batman, I have to say that you're rendition is my favorite. Any campy rendition that came after you only paid homage to such a fun and unique look at the caped crusader. I've seen your movie countless times, and I have an original movie print and your entire television series on DVD. 

 You were so sweet, kind and open minded. You had an eye for the future. Even had an eye for things that DC today are still "just getting around to." When you brought out Eartha Kitt as Catwoman, little girls EVERYWHERE rejoiced. Finally, a character that looked like them. Especially me, as I've grown older and more comfortable with myself, I have made it my mission to correct errors and bring about the positive promotion of television, comics, and video games giving the people what they want, representation. 

   When I heard that you and Burt Ward would be coming to a convention near me I was so excited! I would finally be able to meet 2 people that I had been a fan of for quite some time! So I picked up a few extra shifts and put all the money towards meeting and getting a picture with you! That convention was the coolest, not only were you there but so were some props from your show! I got to drive the Batmobile, fly in the bat copter, I even got to know the feeling of not being able to get rid of a bomb.

  I just wanted to thank you for the amazing escape that you've given me in Batman the Series and the movie, which I've seen countless times. Thank you for being open to change and ahead of the game when it came to representation, and above all thank you for being you.

 You will be greatly missed.

~ Spokhette!~ 

Nerdette Minute #52: Spokhette Streams!

Hi Gang!

 Technically there is a youtube video this week and then again it sort of isn't. A week ago, I received my modded 3DSXL from Katsukity in Tokyo.  It took me the weekend to figure out how to set everything up and test the stream for the first time.

 If you'll recall, I did a video about my original 3DS going out on me, and how I wasn't sure how to fix it and I just went out and got a new one. However, Katsukity not only modded my system but also fixed my charging port. So my original one is literally good as new, and now I have three handheld systems. a 3DSXL, a *new* 3DSXL, and a PS Vita. I'm not really sure what to do with everything now. 

  I have started streaming Chibi Robo Zip Lash on my Twitch channel. You can visit it simply by clicking the live streams button in the navigation bar. You can get updates of when I go live by following me on twitch, instagram or Twitter! One of the cool things about using Xsplit broadcaster to stream is that it automatically saves a copy of the stream, which I then upload to youtube for those that may have missed out! 

 I've streamed a few times on my PS4, but it wasn't nearly fun as streaming from my 3DS system. I literally am addicted to hopping on and streaming for a couple of hours. I generally play through an entire world each stream, so we should be finishing the game sometime this week! Make sure you leave recomendations for what I should stream next! 

Also YAAAASS for E3! Let's chat about it on Instagram + Twitter. Also, streaming again this Week Monday + Friday on Twitch! Come Watch and let's finish Chibi Robo!

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