All Black Haul

Hey Gang!

I finally started a new job about a month ago, and it needs a certain kind of attire. As moody as I may appear online, I don’t actually own a lot of all black clothing. So once I got paid, I decided to change that. Here’s some all black staples that I picked up from Amazon, that have helped me fill out my wardrobe for my position.


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Trailer Thoughts: Addams Family

Hey Gang!

I’ve been a fan of the Addams family since I was a little girl. Wednesday has always been one of my favorite fictional characters, and I aspire to be as graceful as Morticia on any given day. In 2019, there will be a new animated Addams family film. Honestly, I prefer the cartoon renditions of the 70’s to anything since, except perhaps the black and white television show, and the latest trailer seems to follow the same vein.


While the animation isn’t horrible I much would have preferred drawn 2D animation, why doesn’t anyone want to do that anymore? 3D isn’t terrible, but it’s not great either, and I much prefer cartoons that have the same feel my favorite cartoons did when I was younger. In the trailer, we meet the whole crew, except for Grandma, and Cousin It, who I hope will make an appearance in a later trailer, or in the film.

The trailer depicts them finding their home, so I’m hoping for a bit of an origin story or even a primer before they head out for a new adventure. I’d love to see what kind of mythical creatures we’ll meet or even whether or not Morticia will finally keep the actual blooms of any flowers.


Since it was only a teaser trailer, I have more questions than answers, but never the less, I am super excited to experience the Addams family on the big screen.

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Novels #36: March Wrap Up

Hey Gang!

It’s almost the end of March, so there’s no point of even trying to get up a march to be read list, and honestly, I didn’t even have one for this month. I generally just got interested in a book randomly and started reading it. I started two new jobs in the month of March and I took up most of my time. I went on a rabbit hole of my library and came across some interesting titles I’m excited to read in April, but here’s what I finished reading in March.

The Dressmaker by Jenny Wang: I loved this comic! The Story was so sweet and welcoming for anyone who has even felt a little bit weird in their life. It centers on a Prince, who enjoys dressing as a woman on occassion, who is in need of a seamstress to make him extravagant outfits for him to wear as his alter ego, Lady Crystallia. There he meets and everything fall into place, and they have unprecedented adventures in fashion.

Misbehaved by Charlie Rose: A Teacher/Student taboo relationship with a lot more plot than I was expecting.

A Midsummer’s Night Scream by R.L. Stine: I didn’t like this one at all. It’s probably got the worst rating of a book this year.

50 Shades of Alice in Wonderland by Monica DuChamp: Alice has a sexual awakening though out her adventures and I absolutely Loved it!

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Novels #37: April To Be Read

Hey Gang!

I know March is practically over, so I won’t bother to try and list the books I wanted to read then. So I am finishing any book that comes my way in the next couple of days and then moving on to the new month. Can you believe it’s practically April? Because I can’t, 2019 is breaking the sound barrier, and I’m just trying to hang on for dear life. February was a rough month for me, and I just wanted to dip my toes back in for March and failed miserably, so April is my month to start anew. Hopefully, it will bring spring with it, because I’m so ready for the suns rays, and to stop wearing sweaters.


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OOTD #2: A Stroll Through the Park

Hey Gang!

I’ve been wandering around the city on my off days in search of awesome news places to have my photography sessions. It was the first time in a while I had taken some selfies of myself and outfit posts, so I couldn’t wait to share them with you. I wandered around Mt. Storm Park, and was not disappointed.


Dress: Hot Topic | Sweater: Sourpuss Clothing | Glasses: Hot Topic


Although the park is absolutely mesmerizing, my absolute favorite part of the park is the Gazebo. As soon as I saw it I knew I needed to shoot something muse related there. The pillars automatically had me thinking about the muses and the Hercules soundtrack.


I came across an abandoned building that was nothing but mirrors on the outside. I was so enthralled by it, I took several photos trying to put together a decent selfie. I honestly can’t wait to photograph someone in it, it’s almost like a hall of mirrors!


I also had the opportunity to check out a film in a Dolby theater, and it was absolutely amazing. I’d never been in a theater like that before and it was so freaking beautiful. I went back after the film to take picture and video of the inside, I was that impressed.


With the sun out, and the outdoors becoming more inviting, I have a feeling that outfit of the day posts will definitely be back in rotation.

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