Cinema #32: My Little Pony The Movie

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 I know I have talked about MLP on the blog before, mainly in my, you should be watching series. Yes, I'm 26 years old, yes I realize that its a "children's" Cartoon, but I'm here to explain why you should see it as more than that. The rebooted series of MLP has vastly improved from its predecessor. 


 The show is all about friendship, how to make friends, how to solve problems with your friends and more importantly how to get your friends back after a fight or disagreement. I really really love MLP. I have two vinyl Figurines: DJ Pon-3 and Octavia Melody. I have clothing, and for the movie I made my own horn and ears. 

 The movie is put out by Allspark which is Hasbro's film company, and let me just say that they did an outstanding job. There wasn't a single character from the series that didn't make an appearance in the film. Which is something I absolutely love to see. They even brought back, Cheese Sandwich! 

   I've done a video about my initial thoughts, that up on my youtube right now. So I won't go into too much detail, but if you haven't watched it yet, here's what you need to know. 


 Equestria is on the eve of it's friendship festival, when a super evil looking space ship comes from the sky and crashes the party. You are then greeted none to kindly by a Commander Tempest Shadow, who is an "evil" Unicorn with a broken horn. That however does NOT stop her from using magic and freezing three out of four princess for her master, StormKing. 

 There were two major things I liked about this movie. 

 1.  You met characters that weren't horses. In the series there are only 3 non pony characters: Zekora (Zebra), Gummy (crocodile) and Spike (Dragon). In the film however, you meet a whole slew of non pony characters, which I thought was pretty awesome, and they were actually central to the plot. 


2. Twilight Sparkle did something bad. Throughout the show, Twilight and her impeccable upbringing is one of the most prominent things about her personality. She'd never do something bad, and she would never be underhanded. However, she is in the film. She's so desparate to save the princesses that she is prepared to do something bad to accomplish her goal. 

Storm King needs all four princesses magic in order to power a staff that will give him the ability to control the weather, hence his name. Twilight Sparkle and the gang escape and thus begins their journey through other worlds, our ability to meet creatures that are not equine and the wonderful music. 


 All in All, I thoroughly enjoyed this film. It made me feel happy and sad and I even shed a couple of tears. Even though I saw it premiere night, the theater was packed! I actually had the last open seat in the theater. It really was an experience seeing the film in theaters instead of on Netflix. There were little girls in the rows in front and behind me, and from the makes of their laughter, gasps, and outright cries of kinship with our heroines, I'd say the film was a rounding success. 

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