Halloween Lowdown

 Hi Gang.

  Every year, October is my favorite month. Every year, I have an entire month of Halloween-y content. However, the last week of September up until now has been pretty rough for me. I've been fighting depression, and fighting to have any motivation to create at all. I'm actually pretty upset about the lack of content I was able to churn out for October and I definitely want to apologize for it. In this post, I'm literally going to run down all of the things I did in October that was Halloween related that didn't make it to the blog. 


 Had a Halloween Party.

  Excluding last year, I have a party every year for Halloween. I invite over all my friends, and they bring snacks and their favorite scary movie and it's a bit like a giant sleepover. I wasn't able to have one last year because we were preparing to move into our new place, and alas, I had to put aside my Halloween fervor for a packing one instead. We made wings and had way too much candy. We watched The Munsters: Munster, Go Home ( it was the first time I had seen it.) and played several rounds of Never Have I Ever and Tonk. It started about nine p.m. and the last guest left at three am. Needless to say, the boy wonder and I were worn out.


 I put together 3 costumes.

  Throughout the month of October, I put together three different costumes! I created a set of unicorn ears and horn for the My Little Pony premiere, I streamed the process on twitch, and filmed a video after the movie, in the theater parking lot. I also wrote about my thoughts on the film here, if you're interested. 


  I put together a Raven costume, for the future premiere of the live action Teen Titans program. I am so excited about the show, now that I've actually seen the cast. So much inclusivity, yaaaaas Ryan Park! 

  Lastly, for the last three years, I have D.I.Y.ed my halloween costume, because your girl ain't rich and sometimes, you just gotta go with what ya got. I did a tutorial for my Vulpix ears, and I use that to make all the ears that I created. I decided that because my hair is now blue, it would be fun to be a pokemon, so I decided on Glaceon!

 I painted for the first time in a while.

  Honestly the last time I can remember painting, was two christmas's ago when The Boy Wonder and I painted our pokeball ornaments. I thought it would be super fun to paint our plastic pumpkins. I turned the white one into Jason, with the help of some markers, but since the black one made it difficult to see the markers I had to resort to paint, I was honestly very very excited about how it turned out, because I am not a great artist. I painted the black pumpkin to look like Blacula. I was very proud when my father knew who it was. 


 I finished two books.

  During the month of October I finished two books, Someone Must Die by Sharon Potts and Madame X by Jasinda Wilder. I expanded on Someone Must Die on Monday, with my Novels post. Madame X is about a woman who has no idea of her past, and has no memories. Caleb found her , "saved her" and taught her. She now molds boys into men worthy of running multi million dollar companies. She's a groomer. She doesn't know anything other than inside her books, her room and Caleb. So when, Caleb allows her to accompany a client to a mixer, her world is shattered. Enter the interesting, suave, and different love interest, Logan. I don't want to spoil too much, but I did enjoy the read. The Boy Wonder considers it lady porn, if that floats your boat. 

 I went a Little crazy at Michaels.

  Michaels is an amazing place. They literally have something for every hobby you could possibly think of. When they sent me three different coupons for Halloween decor, how could I say no? So counting everything, I grabbed four different types of lights, 4-yard stakes in shapes of ghosts, bats, and skulls, A ghostly radio with different spooky channels, two skulls, one black velvet and one black plastic. A Nevermore Pendant banner, A small bird cage, a glass filligree frame that says Enter if you dare, and a beware plaque. 


What did you do for Halloween? Let's Talk about it on Twitter!!

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