My Issue With Spiderman: Homecoming

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  I've got something I want to get off my chest about this film. I've been holding it in since I originally saw the movie in theaters, back in July. Now before I start, I have to say how excited I was about this movie. Spiderman, Peter Parker was finally coming to the MCU. He's such an integral part of the directions the movies are heading in now, that I was so excited when I saw Homecoming was going to be part of Marvel/Disney's Films. 


  I was even more impressed when I saw how diverse the casting was. Two black female leads? In a comic book film? This was also before Black Panther's Trailer came out and before that I would have said it was absolutely unheard of. I was so excited not only about these bad ass ladies becoming part of the Marvel Universe but the representation that this movie held. Zendaya and Laura Harrier did such a good job in their roles, and I instantly fell in love with MJ's Devil May Care attitude. 


  There were a few things that are generally parts of Spiderman films that were left out of Spiderman Homecoming that can be chalked up to creative license and writing. I can get with that, it definitely doesn't have to absolutely be the source material. Especially, if in its place the film will be more inclusive then it's foundation.


 One of the things you'll always find in a Spiderman film is the kiss. Now I'm not saying that Spiderman is supposed to ALWAYS be romantic. It's not. However, the kiss is something that is just always there, and now that Peter has a black love interest suddenly it just isn't mentioned? Isn't even thought out? Something you would always find if his love interest was white, that suddenly the writers, just forgot to put in?


 With the racist casting of Dr. Strange, wouldn't this be an optimal opportunity to prove that you've learned your lesson and that you are listening to your VERY DIVERSE AND INCLUSIVE AUDIENCE and show that you are taking our criticsm to heart? That you are trying to fix things. A lot of people I've talked to about this, think it isn't a big deal, and that it was just oversight.


 The issue isn't the kiss. The issue isn't even the lack of a kiss. The issue is representation. I am a black bi woman who loves COMICS, and even though you can find comics on literally every subject, diversity is still something that people are just now putting thought into. When I was in college, I talked about comics all the time with my friends and anyone who would listen honestly, and even though we were comic buffs, they found it difficult to name 6 Black heroes from either of the Big Two exclusively. 


  The issue is that Peter Parker, a MAJOR character in the Marvel Pantheon has a Black love interest, and one of the things that has become a staple of his character, and the way he is presented in media, was left out once the race of his crush wasn't white. I'm hoping that it's because although he was attracted to Liz, that he will ultimately end up with MJ, and they're saving it for that. I'm trying to be optomistic, but it really pisses me off that a lot of people aren't seeing the bigger picture. 



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