The Handheld Mistress #40: The Future

Hi Gang!

  It's been a wild couple of weeks in terms of gaming over here for me. Having two jobs has really helped me in the money department and now I can afford to pick up games that I want to play on their release date. Generally, I would pick up games two months after they've been released, your girl has really moved up. I've gotten quite a few games since the last time I wrote so I figured I would update you. 

  My biggest gaming news right now is that I bought a Nintendo Switch! I'm pretty happy with it, and the mobility is amazing, it's probably my favorite thing about it right now. I've only had it for about a full week. I bought Super Mario Odyssey and Bomberman R, and then once I got it home and had it completely set it up, I bought a few more titles from the EShop. King Of Fighters 2000, Magical Drop 2, Metal Slug X, Mighty Gunvolt Burst, and Dark Witch Episode: Rudymical.


I've been working on Magical Drop 2 and Metal Slug X mostly, I just really love being able to pick the system up and take it with me, so my game never has to wait for me to get back. Which is a big reason why I haven't really touched my PS4 in a while? It's not Mobile, Once I start a game there, I have to stay there, Whereas the Switch, The PSVita, and the 3DSXL, I can just toss in my bag and take with me, on my excursions, or play while I'm getting my oil changed, or when I have to wait while I'm doing adulting.

 In the PSvita department, I finally got around to picking up Summon Night 6. I'd been waiting for this game since I caught a glimpse of it on the coming up lists that they post in Gamestop. I generally don't pre-order things, because I don't really have a chosen GameStop. I like to travel to them around the city and see what there is to see. There are some that have really great selections but shitty customer service, and then vis a vis, so it's hard for me to pre-order, because I have to come back to that specific GameStop to pick up the game. 


 When I first saw the list, I could have sworn it said that Summon Night 6 was going to be available in August on the 27th. Then the clerk told me it was September 27th, Then I was told it was October 27th, and then I made an effort to go on the 27th to pick it up and the clerk told me Halloween. So I looked her in the eye and I was like, October 31st, Halloween Day I will be able to come in and pick up my pre-ordered game. She looks at me and says yes, on Halloween morning, I walked into Gamestop and walked out with my game. So I don't know if I was just wishfully thinking or if they literally were moving the date every month, but I have it now and It doesn't matter. 

 I brought it right into work and started playing it, I've made it to chapter two already, and I'm already addicted. I am a little sad that they didn't keep the melee attack mechanism from Summon Night 6 for the GBA, but games, systems and game mechanics need to grow as well right? The characters are pretty funny, I can't wait to learn more about them. It must suck to be the only person on an entire planet, and I'm so glad that they've gotten some visitors!

 For the *New* 3DSXL, I picked up Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaire's Conspiracy. I don't think I need to talk about how much I love Professor Layton. If you don't know, I am addicted. I have a tattoo, I own every game in his series, I've seen the movie, and I own the art book. So when I saw there was another Layton game, I had to pick it up. However, I'm halfway through Diabolical Box and Professor Layton v. Ace Attorney. I've been moving back and forth between the games, and it's been a while since I'd played. So when I started the new one, I was super rusty. I may stream it, but you guys have to promise not to laugh at me when I'm failing the puzzles. 


 It's not really a new game, but it is game related. During the month of October, Gamestop was giving out these little cards with codes for their newest Pokemon, Marshadow. I was so excited because it is the 3rd cutest Pokemon ever in my opinion. I always open up my system at work so I can download it and forget about the fact that the internet is not connected to my system. 

So I finally got around to using the card a couple of days ago. Their code cards are so easy. It only took me a few minutes to input the card, and then vroom, I had a Marshadow! My favorite thing about the sprite is that its actions causes its head to go teal and his eyes to light up, and honestly it just kind of reminds me of a Super Saiyan! I didn't name it because it was a mystery gift Pokemon, but I'm going to take it to the name rater, so I can. I'm glad it didn't allow me to do it because I am still mulling over names. 


 Have you started any new games? Let's Fangirl on Twitter!

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