OOTD: 4 Years and Thor: Ragnarok

Hi Gang!

  It's been a while since I've done an outfit post. It's difficult to keep up with them while I'm photographing, because I'm in uniform most of the week. But, since work is OVER, I will be bringing you more and more of them! The Boy Wonder and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary on Election Day. (We really should have put more thought into that, so we didn't have to etch out time in our special day, to place our votes.) 


 On our first date, we went to see a triple feature at our favorite movie theater. They were showing Thor, Avengers and Thor 2. I'd never seen any of the Thors, So I was pretty excited about it, and even though we had some directional issues finding each other, the date went exceptionally well. ( Spoiler alert, since it's our 4 year right?) So we were so excited when Thor: Ragnarok was going to be in theaters. 


 I was going to go see it anyway for Tessa Thompsons Valkyrie, and I was always a fan of Hela in the comics and the lore. She was always so bad ass. This film did a really good job of humanizing the Hulk. It wasn't that I didn't think about him as human or not before, but we got a lot more personality from both Hulk and Banner, then we did in films before it. I felt like it was Marvel's love letter to Bisexuals, but more on that later. 


 It's starting to get cold over here, so I wore a sheath sweater dress, knee high socks, and my Marvel Combat Boots, because it wouldn't be me without something matching the film we were going to see right? I got my dress from Walmart, my socks from a convention and my boots from Hot Topic. We had dinner at Outback, and as always it was delcious. I cleaned my plate, and the Boy Wonder brought home leftovers. (Which I also later ate.)


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