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  I finally have the time to talk to you guys about these awesome pictures Boy Wonder took of me, a couple of months ago! I went out and bought two more Pokemon Plushies, which brough my collection to six, and if you play pokemon, you know what that means! I have an official team! So I thought it would be cute to take pictures with my plushies and tell you guys about my mains!


 I just happened to stop into Gamestop on my way into work and they had the most adorablest two plushies just sitting on the counter as if they were waiting just for me. Plus, they were on sale so I definitely couldn't pass them up. Once I added them to my team I knew I had to do this post and tell you all about them!


 So my team consists of (l to R): 

Mimikyu: I picked this plushie up while I was in Chicago for C2E2. There was a stand that was full of pokemon plushies, and hiding in the very back was a very small group of mimikyu. If you haven't watched the new pokemon anime, or played Pokemon Sun and Moon, Mimikyu is a ghost pokemon who is a fan of Pikachu, and so it dresses like it. Its eyes are on its stomach. 


Jirachi: This plushie was given to me for my birthday by The boy Wonder. It's much smaller than the other ones but I loved that about it, because it has it's own space on my desk. Jirachi is a Legendary Pokemon, and has his own movie. He has the ability to grant wishes for one week every thousand years. 


 Alolan Version Raichu: I've always been a fan of pikachu, but not Raichu...I think it was left over from the episode where Ash has to think about giving pikachu a thunderstone so he can defeat Lt. Surge. However, Sun and Moon has opened my eyes. Apparently, Raichu and Pikachu love pancakes. and it's cannon. Plus, He SURFS ON HIS TAIL!!! What more did you need? 


 Litwick: I am a huge fan of ghost pokemon. They have such a unique look to them. In the later games, ghost pokemon started to look a little more gothic, and I began to fall in love with them even more. Litwick is one of those pokemon. Litwick is normally a guide in the dark, but anyone that follows it has their energy and life leeched from them, and that becomes the fuel that Litwick uses to survive.


 Victini: Victini is my favorite pokemon. I have her tattooed on my body. Victini is a fire psychic pokemon and a Legendary. She is featured in Pokemon Black and White The Movie. She is an adorable character who enjoys macarons and playing pranks on people. 


Snorlax: Snorlax was my very first Pokemon plushie. The Boy Wonder and I had been dating for a couple of months, and it was my first present. He bought it from one of my favorite comic book shop. Snorlax is an O.G. He is part of the first 150, and is described as a docile pokemon who eats 800 pounds of food a day, and then promptly goes to sleep and that children use it's stomach as a place to play. 


 Do you guys have any plushies? Any favorites? Let's Fangirl on Twitter

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