November Favorites

Hi Gang!

 I can't believe it is the first! December came so flippin' fast, but I am very ready and the Christmas spirit has definitely captured me. Boy Wonder and I put up the Christmas tree as soon as people left Thanksgiving Night. I really wanted to do it differently because we have a bad habit of zooming through December and then like the week before Christmas we're like HEY! We gotta put up that tree! So this year, I did it a week before December and I feel no shame. Here are a few things I loved this Month. 

- I successfully hosting Thanksgiving for 17 in my home this year. There was room for everyone, only a couple of people forgot things, nothing burned, and everyone left before 11 p.m. I consider that a pretty awesome success. 

IMG_3219 (2).JPG

- Patting myself on the back for cleaning up as soon as everyone left and set up the christmas tree. My favorite thing about it is this picture of my cat, Kahn, who waited exactly 3 minutes before climbing into it and making herself at home. 


- Buying a banner for my Slytherin Pride. I picked it up from Hot Topic, and it was probably the first time I'd ever walked in there and spent less than 40 dollars. I was very proud of myself. 


- I got a Samsung S 8+! I am so in love you guys! I broke my already barely functioning Note 4 in July and I had been hopping from temp to temp, before landing on this beauty. I love the way it feels in my hands, the pictures are absolutely stunning, and it's fully functional, so I'm able to update social media on the go, snapchat whenever I like, don't have to worry about losing gps signal, and don't have to worry about people getting text messages hours after I sent them. It is amazing ya'll.


- I bought a Nintendo Switch! I didn't buy it when it came out because I didn't really want any of the games that it launched with. However, now that it has been out since March, they are starting to have a more diverse amount of games for it. I bought it with Bomberman, and Mario Odyssey. I'm also a huge fan of how you can buy indie games from the E-shop. I bought Magical Drop 2, which is the predecessor of my favorite puzzle game of all time. For Christmas, I think I'll pick up Pokken Tournament and Arms. I just couldn't justify dropping 500$ on games on a random day in November... I have an unboxing of it on my channel!


- I'm starting to get back into art. I wanted 2017 to be a more creative year, and I did a decent job, but one of the things that I've gotten back into is drawing. I bought a sketchbook and I wanted to fill it throughout the year. I did pretty well up until May and then it starts to get real scarce. I watch quite a few artists on youtube, and Fran had introduced me to watercolor brush pens. So they take a little bit of water and with a watercolor pallette you can take them on the road with you. I even went all the way and bought a specific book just for watercolors. 


- Starting the Pokemon A Day Challenge. I'm sure in some compacity this challenge exists somewhere in the world. However, as I said previously, I wanted to start drawing more. So the Boy Wonder came up with the brilliant idea of giving me a pokemon (or group) every day and I have to draw them. We started on the 16th, and I've done 19 so far. I'm three behind as of writing this. This challenge has definitely gotten me to start bringing my sketchbook with me everywhere, and drawing a little bit every day even if I don't completely finish the drawing in the allotted 24 hours. 


- I discovered a few new YouTubers this month. Furry Little Peach, is a channel by Sha'an d'Anthes, who is an artist, I love her videos. She's very bubbly and she shows you sneak peeks of upcoming art, and how she goes about it. I'm in love with her studio vlogs. BooksandLala, a Booktuber, I love her unique videos and the one that attracted me the most was the one where her husband buys 5 books for her with no guidance. I'd love to see how well Boy Wonder would do. Leigh Ellexson, who is an artist in Ohio, near me, I'm always so excited when I find other creatives and content creators near me. Her videos are adorable and light, and she also does studio vlogs and shows you her art. 


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