Ink Adventures #4: Momo The Cat

Hi Gang!

  I wanted to talk about my latest tattoo today. As you may or may not know, Halloween is my favorite holiday. With Friday the 13th being a close second and my birthday rounding out the list. A lot of tattoo shops have flash sales on those two days, but that isn't a reason why they're my favorite. I called up my favorite shop and asked if he was doing it as well, and I was in luck! $35 for a custom tattoo no bigger than the palm of your hand. Other than my poetry and raven, My tattoos are generally about that size. 

 Every Halloween, Google has a doodle. For 2016, they created a game for users to play, which featured Momo the cat by an extensive group of artists, such as Juliana Chen and Olivia Huynh. Momo is a cat witch, whose magical school is overrun with evil ghosts. When it came out, I literally had a cute attack. I was so grabbed by the gameplay and art that I played it through several times until about Thanksgiving of that year. 

 This year, Halloween was a continuation, with Momo and the gang, in costumes, who come across a ghost named jinx that just wants to be accepted and trick or treat with them. My heart, you guys. It was so adorable and heartwrenching, I cried. I fully admit that I am a marshmallow and I wouldn't have it any other way. The way Momo accepted Jinx with no hesitation, I knew she was a cat version of me, and thus I had to have her.

 Momo the tattoo was born! It's actually a double because Geronimo Sama's nickname is Momo, so it still works out! I have her doing a bit of magic, with her wand, and in her wizard tunic. It's so tiny, but it bled SO MUCH! I think because it was a pretty fleshy area. I also got her eyes colored in, I'm working on trying to include more and more color into my tattoos. 


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