The Pokemon A Day Challenge.

 Hey Gang!!

  All throughout 2017, I've been talking about how I want it to be a more creative and artistic year. I bought a sketchbook and some film cameras and that I really wanted to focus on creating in any medium I could get my hands on. There are 3 weeks left in the year, and I only have 31 pages left in my sketchbook, so I'd like to think that my mission was a success. 



 In January of this year, I was on fire, I probably drew something every other day, and then I kind of fell off around July, I'd gone out for a job that I had really wanted but had not gotten the position. It had made me feel like I wasn't capable of getting what I wanted, what I put forth effort to accomplish, and it really made me feel bad. My creativity took a major hit during that time, and I didn't pick it up again until about November. 

 I had talked to The Boy Wonder, about my issue and how badly I wanted to draw but just couldn't actually translate what I saw in my brain to the page. He said the only way I was going to get any better would have been to practice. So he came up with this amazing Idea. You guys know how much I love Pokemon. I have on as a tattoo for goodness sake. He started giving me one Pokemon a day, and then I turned it into drawing their entire evolutionary line. 


 So every morning I have a new Pokemon waiting for me, except Saturday and Sunday, because those are days of rest. I've done 29 Pokemon so far, and I'm behind about 4 days, even though I get them every day, there are times, when I don't feel like drawing so I don't. I don't want to stifle my creativity by forcing myself to complete a Pokemon a day, but this challenge has definitely reignited my drawing spirit again! 

  I wanted to write about this, for other bloggers or creatives that haven't really been feeling inspired lately. As a Geek Blogger, it really sucks when you open up your new post window and just watch the cursor blink waiting for you to create content and you just stare back at it. I figured since Pokemon definitely fits in the category of Geek that it would be a great challenge to share. 


   What do you do when you aren't feeling inspired? Let's bat around ideas on Twitter!

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