Spokhette On Youtube #62: It's Enough

Hi Gang!

  I wanna talk to you about something pretty serious today. Rape Culture. Time's people of the year are the silence breakers. Men and Women who have come forward and not only bravely told their stories of sexual abuse and assault, but have also named their abusers. I made a video because writing about it is hard for me. 


 I talk about Tarana Burke, and the Me too movement but more importantly, I want to plead with the men and women behind "Not All Men". You are so right, it definitely isn't all of you, but it is ENOUGH of you, to were almost all women can use this hashtag. It's Enough of you to where women now know exactly what kind of man to look out for. It's Enough of you for it to have become a culture. 

 So instead of rising up indignantly and proclaiming, Not All Men, It Wasn't Me? Instead use that Energy to reign in your friends, to unlearn rape culture, and to not spread it around. Use that energy to not teach misogynistic values to your children, your nephews, your friends younger brother or sister. 

 Use that time to be better. Because I think we've had Enough don't you? Oh! For those who are concerned that you can't hug or touch Women anymore, you are totally correct. Do you have permission to touch them? THEN DON'T. 

Thanks For Listening.

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