Novels #19: Favorite Books of 2017

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  With the help of Booktubers and Goodreads, I restored my love of reading this year. I was very excited to get great recommendations for novels that I hadn't even heard of or even just old favorites. I was just so excited about reading again. What better way to show my love than to tell you about my favorite Titles of the year. This post will include comics and novels.


- A Study in Charlotte Brittany Cavallaro: My First Mystery of the year. When I heard it was a retelling of Sherlock Holmes, I was intrigued, when I found out that Holmes isn't Sherlock but Charlotte and that it was based in modern times, I was sold. I thoroughly enjoyed how Cavallaro connected all the pieces fans know and love like the Moriarty's and wound a fresh new story, well, I haven't stopped recommending it since I finished it. 

- Moonstruck : I had the awesome opportunity to interview the writer Ellis, and let me just say that this comic did not disappoint. I love how adorable and bright it is, along with the awesome inclusion of every supernatural creature you can think of. 

- Chilling Adventures of Sabrina : All I can really say is DUH! I don't think I've stopped talking about Chilling Adventures since it came out. It's got a whole Video dedicated to it, and it's own review post, along with the fact that it got picked up for a two-season series on Netflix, I can't wait for 2018! My favorite Characters are Ambrose and Sabrina and I can;t wait to see what Happens once the Spellman's realize that Edward is back. 

- Basil of Baker Street Eve Titus : I fell in love with the movie but didn't realize it was a novel series until I joined Goodreads. I've read four out of five, and although you can tell they were written in a different time, you still love Basil. I'm particularly fond of the illustrations that accompany them.


- Murder on Ice #3 Carolyn Keene : I made it my mission to go through the Nancy Drew Series. I came across this gem while searching for the Bungalow mystery. Murder on Ice is part of the Nancy Series that takes place in 80's. I love it because it just feels more modern. Nancy and Ned argue, there's jealousy, there's murder. It's right up my alley. 

- Someone Must Die Sharon Potts: This novel really surprised me, I won't get too much into it because I write about it in this post, but it definitely deserves a read. You follow along as Aubrey's Nephew is kidnapped and while you are trying to save him, you discover a dark secret about Aubrey's parents. 

- The perfect Ex Husband  Lisa Gardner: The 2nd Adult book I've read this year. You guys know I love a mystery, and Gardner is a dutchess of deduction. This novel kept me on the edge of my seat all the way up until the end. A Wife turns up at a ranch to learn self-defense, and from there the story just goes wild. There's a hunt for a serial killer, more people are murdered, and entire police departments get the runaround, definitely recommend. 

- The Unstoppable Wasp: My favorite thing about this series is the love and representation of women and girls in stem. I felt that the female scientists of Marvel were finally getting the love that they deserved. The First issue featured Mockingbird, my favorite scientist and I absolutely loved that issue. I also love all of Wasps team ups!

- Motor Crush: Written, and drawn by the Dream Team; Fletcher, Tarr and Stewart, How could I not love it! The Story has lots of great art, and a decent amount of inclusivity with the race of their characters along with sexual orientations. With the great job they did with Batgirl, I was very excited to follow them into a new adventure.


- America: I think America is the best thing Marvel has put out since Mockingbird and Silk. The leader of the ultimates, and just an all around bad ass character, I was so excited when she got her own solo title. After saving the world several times, Becoming the leader of the Ultimates, what's there left to do but go to College? My favorite thing about this title, is its inclusivity! I can't remember the last time I saw that many Black and Brown characters in a title, without the word Black in the title. 


What are some of your Favorite Titles of 2017? Let's #fangirl about it on Twitter!

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