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 Here are the Games of 2017! Ya'll know I love talking about video games and even more I love playing them. I bought a brand new Nintendo Switch, this year, so we added a new system to the family. I have gone through a lot of games this year, so here are 10 of my favorites. 

- Magical Drop 2 (Switch): I won't talk too much about this game because it's already gotten a few full posts, but it belongs on the 2017 list because it is available for purchase in the Nintendo E-shop for the Switch. I purchased the Nintendo Switch for three reasons, one of the biggest being it's portability. So when I finally brought it home, got it hooked up to the wifi and realized there were old arcade favorites in the E-shop I already knew what I was going to purchase. I fell in love with Magical Drop 3, when I found it in an arcade, and although there are many differences between the two. Magical Drop Two is a decent consolation prize especially since I can take it pretty much anywhere. 

- Metal Slug X: (Switch): Another Arcade Favorite. This particular metal slug has all the characters you know and love, but there's so much craziness in this game, there are EVEN ALIENS! It's a super fast side-scrolling, shooter that it is probably my favorite ever. I don't play many shooters, so that's a pretty small list. 


- Root Letter (PSVita): I can't remember where I first saw this game, but it was probably on Instagram. Since Sony has stopped Production of Vitas, in the US, I'm only really able to get information from diehards, or Asian accounts talking about their new games! I remember them talking about how it had a mystery and a Murder, and I was instantly hooked, I bought it in the second round of games right after I got my PsVita, and I've been hooked ever since.  

- Stella Glow (3DS): I found this RPG on the shelves during a Gamestop run. I was there to pick up something else entirely, but they didn't have it so this came home with me instead. I'm on Chapter 5, and I absolutely love it as an RPG, I feel like its the perfect beginner for those who want to play RPG's but don't have experience for with serious strategy ones like Final Fantasy, it doesn't have the melee battle mechanism that I prefer but it's a very streamlined process so I like how easy it is to get into. I've collected 3 out of the 4 princes so I'm doing pretty good. 


- King Of Fighters XIV (PS4): I don't know if I've ever told you guys this, but King of Fighters is my favorite Arcade Fighter Franchise. My favorite character is King, and she is always in my team no matter what characters they switch in and out. My biggest pet peeve about this game, is that I was so excited about being able to stream it online, only to find out that they had blocked it, you can't seen anything past the Character select screen. But the Graphics...Are so beautiful, I almost forgive them. 

- Tekken 8 (PS4): This is the newest game to the collection. My Dad picked this up for me just a couple of weeks ago. I have only played with family so I haven't gotten to check out the story mode yet, but I am very interested in why Nina has a wedding dress. The controls and graphics seem to be more of the same, so I'm hoping they've upped the actual story, survival mode, or the ability to customize. 

- Super Mario Odyssey (Switch): Super Mario Odyssey is the 2nd reason I bought a switch. They had me hooked with the little teaser of being able to use the hat to control a dinosaur. I think I just hit the fourth world, and I love playing it during long car rides, or while I'm in bed. I love that the most about all of my handhelds. My Ps4 is in the living room, so I generally play it while Boy Wonder is on the computer. 


- Crash Fever (Mobile): I know it's a cell phone game, but Crash Fever deserves to be on this list. They just passed 9 million downloads and as a puzzle game, with adorable characters and monsters to collect, the ability to battle other people, without having to know their friend codes, having super difficult challenge levels that give you extra loot, I am addicted. I had been playing it on my old cell phone for a while and I had gotten to rank 33. Unfortunately when I got my S8+ I wasn't paying attention and accidently erased my game. I was so mad, that I didn't play for a while, maybe about two weeks. I decided to just suck it up because I wasn't going to get it back and that I really did enjoy the game, and now I'm on Rank 36!

- Cody Cross (Mobile): Also a Cell phone game, You play a little blue alien solving Crossword puzzle clues as he explores Earth. It's a decently difficult game, as they throw in clues of general pop culture and things you've never heard of before. My general rule of thumb is to play with an open window of Google for guidance. Boy Wonder and I just entered Group 29, Puzzle 2. 

- Summon Night 6 (PSVita): My first experience with Summon Night was Summon Knight 2 for the GBA. It was perfect. You had SD characters, great music, Melee battle mechanisms, and you collected different types of ore, to blacksmith your OWN WEAPONRY. I think the beginning of the year, I had heard rumors that 6 was coming to the states, and I've been on the lookout ever since. After three different changes to the release date, I finally picked it up Halloween Day, and I started playing it immediately. They didn't keep the melee battles, but I'm hoping they did something else awesome to make up for it, right now there is a LOT of talking but isn't there always in JRPG's?


What are your favorite games of the year? Let's #Fangirl on Twitter!

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