Series #44: Law And Order SVU Season One.

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  I've been watching episodes of SVU since I can remember honestly. There was always a rerun here, or an episode there. I've always stopped and watched it wherever it came on. USA used to show marathons of it. Even though I've seen countless episodes, I'd never seen it in its continuity. I've never seen the episodes in Chronological order, but they have the entire series on Hulu, so I didn't want to miss the opportunity. I finished Season One and thought Why not write about it?  


 One of the biggest thing about this show is that they deal with a lot of creeps but not all of them are suspects or perps. It's really disenheartening to see how the other detectives and just people in general consider how "non-important" sexual choice is. Especiall the vice detective that had the nerve to utter, NHI, No Humans Involved, when Benson and Stabler arrive on scene for what looks like a Prostitute Killing. 

 My favorite character for season one, has to be Detective Munch. I love how cynical he is of everything and how sometimes his conspiracy theories are accurate. I love that although he has a very hard outside shell but it utterly deteriorates when it needs to. Especially in episode 20.


 Another thing I love about this show is the multitude and diversity of cases they cover. They did a good job of giving you cases that weren't black and white. Episode 14, where three women were raped, and their statute of Limitations were expiring, and the first two had expired, there were 3 days to find the rapist before the 3rd one expired, and the 2nd victim knew who the rapist was, befriended him and refused to give him up to police saying that he has been reborn. I had a nice little 8 minute snapchat rant about that one. 


 I love how they stress that it is a volunteer unit. They really delve into the detective's lives and how their job affects them. I love learning about Stabler's Family, and how the women of the unit, Jefferies and Benson deal with having a sex life and doing their job. I love that they show when they need a break, or when they are too close to the case. Although, I understand that if you think your patient may be learning toward violence that as a psychologist you have the obligation to report it to the police. I didn't seen anything wrong with the female detectives or their sex lives, and that shouldn't have been information pertinent to the commissioner. I think she over stepped her boundaries. 

  I'm already working on the middle of season two. I just really love writing about television, and media. Especially when the topics overlap into something that is a passion for me. 

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