Favorite Content Creators of 2017

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 Welcome to the last blog post of 2017. I know, I can't believe I just typed that either. As a blogger, you draw inspiration from lots of things, and you want to create some of the best content you can. I thought it would be fun to tell you about a few of my favorite content creators this year, just because they are awesome, and I want you to love them too! 

 Jerianie : A Finnish illustrator, who creates absolutely adorable outfit of the day posts, and her photography skills are amazing!


SaintJJune : An artist and model, who creates breathtaking portraits. I'm addicted to her Instagram stories and her feed. The images she does with Rachel are amazing. 


King Jvpes : A film enthusiast. He creates youtube videos about film, film photography and vlogs about where he goes to shoot his street photography. His videos are amazing. I've seen almost all of them more than once. If you like film, you'll like his stuff. He and Wild We Roam inspired me to really get into film photography. I already had the cameras, but now I'm actually using them. 


CatGuts: I've written about Chloe before. Her videos are so aesthetically pleasing, and the perfect mix of morbid and adorable. She's a mortician, and she creates some beautiful videos. 


Frannerd : Fran is an illustrator. Her art is amazing and adorable, and I love how informational her videos are, and there's just a great peek into her creative process.


EmmmaBooks : I discovered Booktube thanks to Emma. I love how energetic she is in all of her videos, and they're so informational with what books are coming out, and what she is loving. 


Furry Little Peach : An Austrailian illustrator, her studio vlogs are the greatest. I just really love seeing creators create, especially in their own element, there's just something so calming and inspiring about it.


Wild We Roam : A married couple who moved from New York to Germany and takes beautiful portraits. They mostly do videos about film photography and exploring their new city, and the videos are pretty awesome. 


Anarkee : an adorable beauty youtube. I love how fresh she is. Her style is awesome, and I love finding other content creators that look like me. 

it's anarke.jpg

Fumbledork : The Blogger behind Infinity Jules and host of the Round Table Podcasters Podcast. She's Star Wars obsessed, but I love finding other geek fashion bloggers, and her posts are adorable, geeky and thought-provoking. 


Who are some of your favorite creators? Let's Chat about it on Twitter!

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