2018 Goals!

 Hi gang!

 I know I do this every year, but it helps me keep track of goals and the way I want the year to go. For 2017, I definitely strayed away from my goals, but I did finish a few of them. Here is what I wanted to accomplish last year. 


- 100 Blogloving Followers. 

- 80 Youtube Subscribers.

- 700 Twitter Followers

- 450 Instagram Followers.

- Get Two Tattoos

- Attend Two Conventions.

- Stream Once a Week.

- Publish 3 youtube videos a month.

When I moved Nerdette At Large to Squarespace, I pretty much had to start over on bloglovin. So where as in 2016, I had 60 bloglovin followers and 100 didn't seem so far away, that's not the case now. I definitely failed to stream once a week, because I had been working two jobs and it ust got so stressful any time I wasn't working, I was sleeping. Definitely no room for games. I only attended one convention because of work time constraints. I know my youtube took a dip, but I'm not sure because I was super reckless and decided I wanted a completely fresh start and deleted everything. *Sigh*.

 I did however get WAY more than two tattoos. I got four tattoos in 2017! I'm so excited about adding more art to my body. I passed 450 instagram followers but definitely stalled on twitter. Here's a few things I want to accomplish in 2018. 


- I'd like to hit 50 subscribers on Youtube. Now that I'm doing Weekly Vlogs and I have an easy way to consistently get content up, I don't think it is such an unreachable goal. 

- I'd like to get my Bloglovin' to 20 followers before the end of the year. 

- I'd like to get my twitter to 680 followers by the end of the year. 

- I'd like to get Instagram to 480 followers by the end of the year. 

- I want to add at least 2 new tattoos to this canvas by the end of the year. 

- I want to make 3 costumes this year. 

- I want to try to stream once a week, I've had this for two years in a row, so I'm hoping that it will actually happen this year. 

What are some things you want to accomplish in 2018? Let's Psych each other up on Twitter!

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