D.I.Y.: Alolan Vulpix Ears

Hey Gang!

I know it's been a while since you've seen one of these posts. I would really like to do more of them, but I only really craft, when I'm cosplaying or closer to Halloween. I don't craft for others, more myself, and I'm trying to be better about buying/making things that I don't use. I'm trying to cut down the clutter, as they say.

  For C2E2, I wanted to be Alolan Vulpix, the ice fox. If you've read my master post, you'll know what happened to the original ears, In my haste to make sure my costume didn't ABSOLUTELY fall apart, I created these ears on the fly on the drive to the convention center. With the super easy instructions below, you'll be able to create them too.


1 page of White Felt

1 page of Blue felt (As close to ocean blue as possible.)

Super glue, or Hot glue. 


bobby Pins or hair pins


Step 1: Create two triangles with concaved bottoms from the white felt. I like to make two, hold them on top and cut out another two so they are all the same shape. Make them a bit bigger than you'd like so you can cut them down if need be.


Step 2: Cut 2 smaller triangles from the blue felt, make these a bit smaller so they fit inside the white triangles. Place both on top of each other and cut three small waves at the bottom. So the white felt can show through.


Step 3: Wherever you cut your triangles from, cut the excess felt that is left into small strips. You will use this to stuff your ears, so nothing is wasted.


Step 4: Line up all of your triangles. Make sure they look even and the way you want them to be. Once they are perfect, a few drops of super glue on the top and sides will keep your ears together. Once the glue is dry on the sides you will glue the blue triangles to the white. Once that is dry, feel free to use the scrap felt to stuff your ears!

Step 5: Once they are stuffed to your liking, hot glue the bottoms closed.


Step 6: Attach one-half of the bobby pin to the front of the ear, and slide the bottom into your hair, so the ear will stand up properly. You may need more than one bobby pin, depending on how thick your hair is, and how stuffed your ears are. I use at least 3 pins per ear.


Step 7: Model your ears, love your ears and be your cute, nerdy self! 


 If you guys decide to do this D.I.Y. PLEASE hashtag it, #NerdetteVulpix, so I can see it on Instagram and Twitter!!! 


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Until Next Time, Stay Nerdy, ~Spokhette!~