Series #38: Why Pretty Little Liars Stopped Being A Game.

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 I don't talk about Pretty Little Liars a lot on the blog. One reason is that the story is so encompassing that if you aren't watching it you are going to be missing out on something. Another thing is that I am trying to do better about spoilers on my site. However, Having watched up until Episode 14, at midnight on a day off was a terrible idea, because now I have so many thoughts and theories floating around in my head that have to be dumped somewhere.
 I understand if this isn't your type of post, but I literally am going to burst, so here goes nothing. I think its pretty safe to say that this post will have certain spoilers, if you are not caught up to episode 14 please do not read past this line.

 I think the biggest thing about this season can be split in half. The girls now have a full working knowledge of who is running the game. They don't know who A. D. is, but they do know that Jenna and Sydney are integral parts of this operation. Things that have me going crazy right know can be broken down in three simple things.

1. I was really surprised that they brought back the stolen eggs from emily. One how dare you steal something not only that doesn't belong to you, but could have the ability to become a human being in the future? Secondly, A has gone from harmless pranks, to Charlotte, with damaged limbs, to murder of and with A.D. This is a huge jump in victimology, but lets think about the ramifications of a story line like this with the poor excuse of healthcare that T*#$& is trying to pass right now? Alison didn't want a child. Now she has one, growing inside her. She was NOT part of this procedure decision at all.
  Do you know what that means? Rape. It means that Alison was Violated, and in a way so was Emily. It was Emily's decision to give up her eggs yes, but that was when she was going to give them to some couple in need, not for A.D.'s Twisted game of god. I really want them to get to the end of this and to stop A.D. because they have gone from this nameless character that creates strife for the girls to a Rapist that needs to be stopped.

2. The Death of Yvonne. One thing Pretty Little Liars has always had a problem with was inclusivity. Yes they cover a part of the LGBT community. With Charles becoming Charlotte, and Emily 's Lesbian relationship with Paige. However, they never seem to keep more than one POC around at a time. Before Yvonne there was the first girl Emily was with, Mya. She was later killed off by her ex boyfriend/stalker (Also a trope.) The fact that Yvonne was brought into the story as an adversary for Spencer was a HUGE turn off for me. Spencer being one of my favorite characters was more than capable fighting with A, she didn't need another enemy, she needed an ally.
 The way that they brought Yvonne back from her fight with death and her medically induced coma, only to have an incredibly happy moment with Toby, Marry him and then kill her off. Is in a word, decisive. She had an incredibly low amount of screentime for any other character listed, and at the moment you think they are going to triumph over this unforseen adversity she kicks the bucket? Rude and uncouth.

3. It seems Jessica DiLaurentis kept immaculate records on all of the girls. However, Aria's file was missing. This begs the question, did A.D. see her as weak and desparate from the start? Or did something change as the story progressed? Also, Why Aria? In all 7 seasons before she seemed to be the tiny but fierce glue that kept the crew together. Why all of a sudden, would she be willinig to risk her relationship with her friends, for a slight taste of freedom.
 We're in Season 8, we all know that A, Charlotte, A.D. don't negotiate. They want you to play by their rules, or you don't play. So why are they suddenly so leniant on little Aria? Also, the fact that they keep bring Nicole back at inopportune moments speaks to me on a level that I can't quite decipher now but believe me I am working on it.
  Since Aria is now a Full adult, would Ezra's tryst/relationship with her even matter at this point? He's no longer teaching. He's no longer attached to that school in any capacity. Aria is no longer a minor. Would it have any baring on the future events?

  These three random events have proven that the writers of Pretty Little Liars are definitely driving toward Endgame, and that is a level that the girls just are NOT ready to play yet. They have taken something that is being orchestrated by a single unknown entity and turned it into a watered down version of Saw. A.D. is serious about seeing the girls burn, you know that saying about some men right?

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