Comics #30: Batgirl Issue 1-3

 Hi Gang!

   I know it's been a while since I've written about comic books, but after finishing up Batgirl I just had to write about it. Now that I'm free from my 2nd job, I have had a lot of free time on my hands, and I've been spending most of it reading. I've already finished 3 graphic novels so far and an audiobook!

 I thought Burnside was a very good spot for her personally, and I was really hoping to see a LOT more Frankie in this series. I read up to issue 3 and I think I saw her once. The series starts off with Barbara in Japan, and she winds up rooming with an old friend, Kai. It is apparent right from the start that Kai is hiding something from Barbara, and both are attacked by an adversary in a fuku and clown makeup. 

 Cleverly nicknamed Sailor Clown, she is taken down by Fruit Bat, the reason for Bab's mission, but of course, Sailor Clown gets away. Can we also talk about for a second how bad ass Fruit  Bat is? 104 years old and still as quick as a whip? Holy cow, I can only pray that I am even a quarter that awesome when I get older. Bab's realizes that ms. Clown has a tattoo and begins to do some research that takes her to an MMA studio.

 Entering Issue 2, it is clear that MMA is not Bab's sport. Turns out Sailor Clown and this amazing Lu MMA fighter, have the same tattoo, meaning student, so who is teaching them? I'm a little annoyed that Babs' sort of seems to be jumping from guy to guy. I really liked her with Batwing, I don't see why they have to half ass put her with Kai, especially when she knows he's lying his ass off?

 Turns out that Bab's MMA trainer, May Hao is from Gotham, I wonder if she just lived there or if she wore a cowl... What is Sailor Clown after? She says a formula, but I doubt Kai would have actual information like that on his person. Perhaps she is after the family business or a way to destroy his super powerful grandfather. 

 I've always liked how technologically savvy Batgirl has been but issue 3 really upped the anti. Encrypting bacteria? How would you even go about doing that? How would it even work? How do you inject it into bacteria? How would you eat it? How would you retrieve the information? I guess they're waiting for issue 4 to go into more detail. 

 I was really upset when she left Kai alone, especially knowing someone was after him, whether he was lying or not, it is her job to protect him. Also, they call Lu the Moth, is that a call to Batman villain Killer Moth? Or am I just reading too much into it? 

  The story is definitely picking up in the last two issues, and I'm actually looking forward to reading the next three. Batgirl has always been one of my favorite series to read, so I'm excited about her being back. 

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