Content Creators Of Color: Blogger's Edition

Hi Gang!

  A little while ago I wrote up a post about my favorite YouTubers of color. It was pretty short, but considering I only have 20 subscriptions on my account, I think I did pretty good. I've been a blogger for a pretty long time, and I figured it would be fun to introduce you to some bloggers of color that you may not have come across before. I absolutely love finding new blogs to read, so I thought I would share that with you. 

 Randi, Pinup Fashion Blogger.

  I started following Randi when she was writing Milk and Twee, and I instantly fell in love with her style. It's soft, retro and absolutely carefree and that's definitely one of the things I like about her blog. She has this carefree feel about her work and her life and it shows through her posts. I love that she's grown into her own these past years, and I love that she's just like everyone else. 

Dresses and Capes:

 I won't go into great detail about Lauren and her blog, because I actually interviewed her here, a little bit ago. Lauren loves Pinup and Vintage clothing, and cosplays. I actually came across a picture of her Kiki's Delivery Service costume and knew she was someone I wanted to spotlight on my blog. She is really easy to talk to and just the absolute cutest, definitely check her out. 

Tape Parade:

 I won't rant and rave about Laila too much. She's actually featured in my Ghostly Haunts Series, here. Activist, Vegan and a Musician, I thoroughly enjoy the stories she paints. She also vlogs, in which you are treated to an original song about her adventures traveling around the UK. Her music along with her style can be described as Whimsical and I'm nothing if not a bit detached from reality. My favorite post is What it's like to Not Be White. I am quite found of her prose. 

Fringe Roll

 I came across this lovely blog quite recently, and just had to include it. Ran by Rie, She splits her time writing this awesome personal style blog and being a professional ballet dancer. I danced for a good portion of my life, so that drew me to her content immediately. I really enjoy her style, it is has the habit of being bohemian and modern. I'm not sure how she does it, but I just like scrolling through her posts, because the photography is bar none. 

Vintage Vandalizm

  Ran by Gorgeous Model, Jasmine, this blog is amazing. One of my favorite for outfit inspiration. I don't have the body to wear what she does, but I sure like imagining I do. She's so confident and flawless in the execution of her style, her photography and her sex appeal. If you've been into fashion for a while, I'm sure you've come across her spreads for Pinup girl Clothing and countless others. I love that every post is of educational value. She details what inspired her, where her pieces come from and the history of the style. She does such a bang up job, you'd think she was plucked from the pages of pinup magazines of yore. 

 Who are a few of your favorite bloggers? I hope I turned you on to some new ones. Let's Talk on Twitter and Instagram!

As Always,