OOTD: A Day in Newport.

Hi Gang!

 You have not gone crazy, the title has not failed you, I have in fact decided to go back to my fashion roots and start up outfit posts again. I've started really caring about how I've been dressing again and I am really excited to start dong outfit posts  Now that I've forced Alex to start taking more pictures of me, so expect to see lots of outfits in the future. 

 We headed down to the levee to see Baywatch. If you know me, you'll know that comedies are pretty hit or miss for me. I am not a fan of penis humor, which seems to be the only thing out right now, I'm much more interested in dry humor or campy humor. Baywatch had that for me. I've never seen the T.V. Show, but I definitely enjoyed the movie. 

 I feel like people take comedy much too seriously sometimes, the movie may just need to make you laugh and that's it. It doesn't need a complex message, and it doesn't need to be too serious, just be self aware and make people laugh. That would be my mission if I was creating a comedy. The Rock definitely stole the show though. 

 They had a ginormous display for Wonder Woman that I just couldn't pass up. Whenever I go to the movies, I always take pictures with the displays, it is one of my favorite things to do. I'm wearing a zip up skater dress from Rue 21. I originally bought it for my Eevee costume, and it fits so perfectly that it has just made it into my dress collection. Lace loafers from payless, and my letter from Hogwarts bag is from Hot Topic. 

 Alex and I spent a good portion of the day after the film exploring Newport. We actually went under the bridge and there were so many cool places to shoot. There was a very industrial feel to one side under the bridge. The other side of the bridge had a desert wall, sedimentary look which was pretty cool. I've been wanting to do more photography and actually getting out of my house so these spots were perfect!

 Rue 21 Rum Dress / Hot Topic Harry Potter Bag / H+M Flower headband

 Rue 21 Rum Dress / Hot Topic Harry Potter Bag / H+M Flower headband

 What did you guys think about Baywatch? How did my 2nd outfit of the year go? Lets chat about it on Twitter and Instagram, maybe you can give me some tips!

As Always,