Nerdette Minute #52: Spokhette Streams!

Hi Gang!

 Technically there is a youtube video this week and then again it sort of isn't. A week ago, I received my modded 3DSXL from Katsukity in Tokyo.  It took me the weekend to figure out how to set everything up and test the stream for the first time.

 If you'll recall, I did a video about my original 3DS going out on me, and how I wasn't sure how to fix it and I just went out and got a new one. However, Katsukity not only modded my system but also fixed my charging port. So my original one is literally good as new, and now I have three handheld systems. a 3DSXL, a *new* 3DSXL, and a PS Vita. I'm not really sure what to do with everything now. 

  I have started streaming Chibi Robo Zip Lash on my Twitch channel. You can visit it simply by clicking the live streams button in the navigation bar. You can get updates of when I go live by following me on twitch, instagram or Twitter! One of the cool things about using Xsplit broadcaster to stream is that it automatically saves a copy of the stream, which I then upload to youtube for those that may have missed out! 

 I've streamed a few times on my PS4, but it wasn't nearly fun as streaming from my 3DS system. I literally am addicted to hopping on and streaming for a couple of hours. I generally play through an entire world each stream, so we should be finishing the game sometime this week! Make sure you leave recomendations for what I should stream next! 

Also YAAAASS for E3! Let's chat about it on Instagram + Twitter. Also, streaming again this Week Monday + Friday on Twitch! Come Watch and let's finish Chibi Robo!

As always,