Thanks Mr. West!

 Dear Mr. West,

   I am so sorry that you are gone. As a lifelong fan of Batman, I have to say that you're rendition is my favorite. Any campy rendition that came after you only paid homage to such a fun and unique look at the caped crusader. I've seen your movie countless times, and I have an original movie print and your entire television series on DVD. 

 You were so sweet, kind and open minded. You had an eye for the future. Even had an eye for things that DC today are still "just getting around to." When you brought out Eartha Kitt as Catwoman, little girls EVERYWHERE rejoiced. Finally, a character that looked like them. Especially me, as I've grown older and more comfortable with myself, I have made it my mission to correct errors and bring about the positive promotion of television, comics, and video games giving the people what they want, representation. 

   When I heard that you and Burt Ward would be coming to a convention near me I was so excited! I would finally be able to meet 2 people that I had been a fan of for quite some time! So I picked up a few extra shifts and put all the money towards meeting and getting a picture with you! That convention was the coolest, not only were you there but so were some props from your show! I got to drive the Batmobile, fly in the bat copter, I even got to know the feeling of not being able to get rid of a bomb.

  I just wanted to thank you for the amazing escape that you've given me in Batman the Series and the movie, which I've seen countless times. Thank you for being open to change and ahead of the game when it came to representation, and above all thank you for being you.

 You will be greatly missed.

~ Spokhette!~