My Favorite LGBT Characters

Hi Gang,

  As you may or may not know June is Pride Month. Pride is a month long celebration of people in the LGBTQAP Community. As a Bi woman who absolutely devours anything fictional and pop culture, I thought it would be a BLAST to talk about a few of my favorite fictional characters that fit the bill. I celebrate Pride every year, *honestly all year long* but I've never written about it on the blog, so I figured it was time to expand my horizons and let you know a little bit more about me! I tried really hard to add characters that fit all bills, but there are characters that I really like and as a BI woman there may be a lack of some representation. I apologize in advance, please educate me in the comments with your favorites!  So without further ado, here is a list of my favorite fictional characters that fit the LGBTQIAP Title. 

  Haruka Tenoh (Lesbian): I'll try to keep this brief, as my favorite sailor scout, I know I've talked about Haruka on the blog a lot. She was my first fictional lesbian representation, so she definitely belongs at the top of the list. Haruka, Sailor Uranus is in a relationship with Sailor Neptune.

  Selina Kyle (Bisexual): In Issue 35 of New 52, Valentine created a canonically bi Catwoman and my prayers of representation were answered. Sure Selina doesn't look anything like me, but as a comic book reader, how many women say they don't relate to her? The female badass that keeps Batman guessing, she's always been a hero of mine. 

 Diana Prince (Pan): Yes, you saw that right, The Premier Feminist icon, Wonder Woman is classified as Queer, they are running the line between Bi and Pan, so to include everyone I went with the latter. With the popularity of her amazing new movie, I'm sure lots of people will be flocking to read her new series, just not the one with her brother..because why? 

 Domino Swift (Lesbian): Lead character in Fletcher, Stewart + Tarr Dream Team Series, Motor Crush. She is a street racer, who witnesses a murder and mysteries ensue. Domino is in an on and off again relationship with her Ex, Lola, An absolutely adorable mechanic. Domino is one of the few black characters leading DC Comics at the moment. 

 Frankie Charles (Bisexual): Again, I'll try to keep this short, if you want to know more about Frankie read this. I was SUPER excited when Frankie was introduced in Tarr, Fletcher and Stewart's Batgirl. She's a computer genius and they laid the groundwork for her to become Oracle which as a Batman fangirl, was absolutely amazing. Frankie fits representation for me quite well, black, smart, and Bi, there was no hint of bi erasure which I was very thankful for. 

  Camille Engelson (Bisexual): Another character I talk about frequently. Stitchers has just hit Season 3,  in which they finally gave Camille a new love interest, Amanda the ME. She is so bad ass!!! I haven't seen enough of her to add her to my list of favorites yet, even though she is played by Anna Akana, who I adore. 

 Pippy Rosewood (Lesbian): One of my favorite mystery shows was Rosewood. It was cancelled after two seasons, but that didn't stop me from falling in love with Pippy's relationship with her fiance, TMI. Pippy, is stylish, has sarcastic wit (A must for a favorite character) and a bomb toxin specialist. 

 Khaldu'rahm (Gay): Known to many as Aqualad. Aqualad is both the one we know from Young Justice and a new personality in DC's Rebirth. Aqualad as a character has been around since the 60's and has undergone multiple recreations. I am excited to read Rebirth, I'm excited to know more about the new Jackson, and how he compares to Khaldur in Young Justice. 

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As Always,