8 Things You didn't Know about Wonder Woman.

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   With Wonder Woman coming out today, in theaters all over the US, I thought it would be fun to do a post about her. In the eight years that I've been writing about comics, I think I've written about her maybe once. You may be wondering why, I prefer heroines that represent me more, I suppose. I enjoy Wonder Woman when she's a character in the story, but I've never been a fan of her solo stories, if that makes sense. 

 So I figured I would celebrate her life, and her brand new movie that is getting killer reviews, they are literally leaving Batman Vs. Superman and Man of Steel in the dust. Who said Women couldn't do a superhero film?

8.  Created in 1942, she is considered the first mainstream female superheroine.

7. Per Hobbies of her creator, if her wrists are bound, she is helpless. In original runs of her comic, Diana is actually very bondage happy. 

6. Not only was she a founding member of J.S.A. but she was the only female until issue #74, when then introduced Black Canary. 

5. According to original back story, Diana wasn't the only amazon created from clay, her "mother" used "Dark" clay to create Nubia, DC's 1st Black Heroine.

4. Etta Candy was originally Diana's sidekick, she grew into a loud proud of herself woman and she didn't shy away from disobeying societal rules. She beat down villians, unashamed and unapologetic. How every woman should feel. 

3. Diana was an astronaut for Nasa, after Orana took her place as Wonder Woman, it didn't last long as Orana was killed by Warhead an issue or two later. 

2. Diana Prince, Wonder Woman, was a 30 issue run in the late sixties, with a powerless heroine. She loses her powers, and replaces them with prociency in asian Martial Arts. It was directly influenced by Emma Peel from The Avengers (British TV.) This run came to an end after stern complaints from Feminists such as Gloria Steinem. 

1.  Diana was once granted Divinity, giving her the title of Goddess Of Truth. During this time, the Wonder Woman mantle was carried by her mother Hippolyta. 

  I thoroughly enjoyed learning a little bit more about Wonder Woman and I hope you did too. Make sure you show your support by going to see her in theaters! I know I'll be there. 

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