Nerdette Minute #53: Hospital Blues

Hi Gang!

  While you may not have noticed a lull in content for the blog this past week, if you are following me on Instagram or Twitter, you will have no doubt seen lots of wonderful and concerned comments about a certain hospital visit. I want to let you know that I'm fine and healing, but I did want to talk about it here as well. 

 In July, I will be 26. I made it 25 years without going to the hospital for something that wasn't mandatory. My family has a lot of women in the nursing profession. Although, I batted the idea around for a while, I finally decided that it wasn't for me. However, having nurses around your daily life has quite a few gifts. 

 Last Monday, I was at work for a mandatory meeting, but it wasn't actually scheduled to work. Being the nice marshmallow *ahem* person that I am, I decided that I would save my fellow server from working a double and I would take the morning shift. The shift went absolutely fine, until I saw her walking in the front door.

 I had finished all of my outwork and was standing by the counter, minding my own business, waiting for her to clock in so I could go home and catch a nap. When suddenly, it happened. Out of nowhere there was a loud *u*k and a terrible crash, as a plate slipped off the shelf behind me, and even worse was the gasp of pain that I let out once the plate hit the floor.

 The plate had decided to cut me on the way down. Yep you read that right, I was sent to the hospital for the first time in 25 years, by a broken salad plate. The gash was so bad that I could actually see the inside of my leg. I've taken anatomy, I've seen gory horror films, and have watched quite a bit of Criminal Minds. I know what a human leg looks like, inside and out. It's a lot different when it is your own leg.

 Despite being slashed open and bleeding quite perfusely, it was very little pain. My boss bandaged me up with a towel and ducktape and then proceeded to drive me to the hospital. They numbed my wound, which was bad but not crazy serious. They stitched me up and just when I thought I was scott free, they decided to throw in a tetnus shot for good measure, on the same side of my body that had just been stitched up.

 I was given a doctor's note, and home rest for 4 days. Most people would have been excited about being stuck at home, and having lots of free time. Believe me, I was mildly interested in all the things I would be able to do since I was free from work for four days. By Thursday, I was raring to get back to my job!

 I got a few things done in the meantime though. Cleared two more worlds in Super Mario Brothers 3D. Completed Chibi Robo (more or less), Caught up on Stitchers and Pretty Little Liars, and cleaned the house. All in all, a decently productive time off.

What was your first time in the hospital for? Let's chat on Instagram + Twitter about it!

As Always,