Novels #13: PotterWeek #2: Magical Item Wishlist

Hi, Gang!

   I thought it would be fun to continue with Potter Week even though the anniversary was on Monday! Today also counts as my Nerdette Minute Video of the week, and I am fangirling over magical items I wish I owned. Don't forget to leave your items below in the comments or on Twitter, so we can fangirl about them! 

Here's My List:

Howlers: I would love to have these evil red letters tell Trump how I really feel, every day for the rest of his life. I would want an endless supply of howlers. 

Wizard Chess: Who wouldn't want a chess board that would beat the crap out of each other everytime you took (or lost) a piece? 

Wand: Does this even need an explanation? 

Endless Bag: What girl doesn't dream of finding the perfect balance between carrying their life and looking adorable at the same time. 

Portkey + Broom: I feel like these go together. Travel is essential, and these two items would help me get to my destination, quick fast and in a hurry. 

Pensieve: As a journal keeper, just being able to pull my day from my head and drop it in a pot, and still have the ability to remember it sounds amazing. So much better than getting finger cramps from writing everything down. 

Invisibility Cloak: Who wouldn't want to be invisible every now and again? Think of all the naughty fun you could get up too...

 What Items are on your list? Let's Fangirl on Twitter and Instagram!

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