Novels #14: Potterweek #3: Favorite Moments

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  Welcome to the end of Potterweek, I'm so sad that it is over, but very proud that I was able to pull off such good content in such a short amount of time. My Magical Items Wishlist has to be my favorite youtube video thus far, and  I'm very excited about that! To culminate what has been such a special week to a lot of Potter fans all over the world, I thought I would talk about my favorite moments from the novels. Make sure to keep the conversation going on Twitter and in the comments what are some of your favorite moments?

  When Harry discovers that Sirius is innocent and begins to trust him. Sirius is one of my favorite characters in the series. He was the parental figure that Harry never had, and he was also a link to learning more about his father from someone who actually liked James. He must have learned so much from his father's friends, Remus and Sirius. With the life that Harry Had he definitely needed that positive reinforcement. 

  When Harry kisses Cho for the first time. I was never a fan of them together, but my favorite part about this moment comes after when Harry and Ron are talking about the reason that Cho had cried all over him. When Hermione explains all of the feelings Cho could be accessing at the same time, and Ron replies by saying: "You can't feel all of that at once, you'd explode, and Hermione snaps back with the greatest comeback of all time. " Just because you have the emotional range of a teaspoon, doesn't mean we all do." That quote still makes me smile when my depression gets the best of me. It's ok to feel the way I feel, eventually it will get better, and I should be pleased with my range of emotion.

 When Fred asks Angelina to the Yule ball. Angelina has always been a favorite of mine. She's one of 5 brown people at Hogwarts, (Yay representation) and she's a force to be reckoned with. Quidditch player turned Quidditch Captain, with determination abound, you'd better think twice before ticking her off. I loved everything about her, including her shrugging off Fred with a sure, and then going all giddy after she'd agreed. (movie version): I also quite like a couple minutes after that when Snape pulls up his sleeves to push Ron and Harry's heads down. 

  Harry Defeating the Sphinx in Goblet of Fire. Sphinx's have always been one of my favorite mythical creatures, when J.K. Rowling included it in the beginning of the maze, I was so pleased, I probably read that passage about 8 times, and highlighted all of it. (That copy of the novel is gone, along with the rest of my books, so I can't show you.)  Although the original riddle is much better than Rowlings, I thoroughly enjoyed Harry going er, er, before he realized it was the correct answer. 

    When Harry spoke to the snake in the zoo and it spoke back. I have long wished I could talk to animals, long before Harry Potter was a thing. To have the ability to hear their thoughts, their dreams, their aspirations. I always thought it would be fascinating, our first look at Harry's Parseltongue ability, is a very memorable experience for me, especially when the snake replies, "Brazil, here I come. Thanksss Amigo."


  In my personal opinion, the best part of Sorcerer's Stone that they left out of the film. When Hermione and the gang, have to siphon through different sized bottles of possible poison to move through the chamber containing the stone. I just generally love riddles, and this one was a doozy. 

 My all time favorite moment has to be Umbridge being carried off into the woods. Now I am all for giving people a second chance, but I've never met someone who made pink look so evil. To be that full of vile, and hate, and pretend to cloak yourself as something else, is something I cannot overlook. If you're evil, be evil, damn it, own up to what you are. You're a grown woman, what are you hiding from? Lately, I have found that my pushoverness does not extend to fictional characters that make my skin crawl. I am happy, ecstatic in fact that she was carried away, and never seen again, and I hope that making her write lines with a quill that scratches it into your skin until you bleed, is the least of the things that happened to her. I'm not at all sorry for her. 

 An honorable mention, has to be when Umbridge is "observing" McGonagall's class, and interrupting her in every turn, and her response to that insufferable "hem hem" is " May I offer you a cough drop Delores?" McGonagall was always so bad ass. 

  What are some of your favorite moments? Let's fangirl together on Twitter and Instagram!

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