Series #39: Riverdale Season 1

 Hi Gang!

  I was trying really hard to keep up with Riverdale while it was on tv, but somehow I fell behind, right around the end, I wound up having to watch the last four episodes on Netflix, when they released the first season for streaming.  I've written before about how much I've liked Riverdale and have even vlogged about it here and here. Finishing the season was a little crazy for me. I had a lot of feelings, that I wasn't expecting. 

 I have a Scream poster hanging above my television in my living room. It is one of my favorite scary movie franchises. I've seen it more times then I can count. Despite all of that, it took me prectically 3/4ths of the series to realize that Jugheads Dad was Billy Loomis! He aged well. 

 When the show first started, I was a little annoyed that Jughead wasn't going to be asexual. However, knowing that the character would be straight, I eventually fell in love with Betty and Jughead's relationship. I also love that they kept Betty's ability to work on cars intact. They are just super adorable with each other, and it is something I thoroughly enjoyed. 

 The mystery of what happened to Jason Blossom, kept me on the edge of my seat all the way until the finale, and afterwards. Although we know who dunnit, Mysteries are twofold. You need to know who did it, and you need to know why they did it. The finale didn't give that to us, which I was rather disappointed with, however, there probably wouldn't be a second season if they had wrapped it up that neatly, so I guess I'll keep quiet so I can see some more. I hope they keep the series mystery adjacent. There really isn't enough on television right now. 

 I've watched Weird Archie Mysteries and have read original Archie Comics, and I personally like Riverdale's portrayal of Veronica so much more. She's on a journey of redemption even though none of their problems are her fault. When she apologizes and attempts to help Ethel through her issues, caused by Hiram, my heart was full. I was also very impressed with the way she and the other girls handled the slutshaming going around their school. 

 I also feel like Josie and the Pussycats were criminally underused. They alluded to a relationship between Archie and Valerie, and then she disappeared for like 6 episodes. Um, no, I'm going to need way more in season 2, I need them to have unique storylines and I need them to stop being background characters, especially when it seems to have such a musical undercurrent.  

Can we just take a second to discuss just how fucked up both familiies are? The Blossoms and The Coopers? Everything about them just made my skin crawl. Implied Twincest, Polly's a cousin of Jasons and now they're having a child. The fact that their father kept it a secret for so long. The lack of agency afforded to Polly by both families. I feel like the only thing done right, was Cheryl burning down the house. 

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