Handheld Mistress #39: Overload.

 Hi, gang!

 I know it's been a while since I've written about video games, but let me just tell you, that does not mean I haven't been playing them. I have been pretty game centric for a while, before joining Goodreads in June. Just in case you don't know how I operate by now, I tend to buy games that interest me, I buy them after they've been out for a while and then I work on them until I finish them or I get stuck. When I take a break, switch games and start anew.  I used to live right next to a Gamestop so I was buying quite a few games, It had gotten kind of crazy honestly. It takes me a while to finish games because once I'm stuck I'm pretty frustrated and just need to put it away or I'm only going to get even angrier. 

 When I started streaming again, I started with Chibi-Robo: Ziplash for the 3DS. I had played only about halfway through the first world before so it wasn't a big thing to start over for the viewers. It was one of the best ideas ever though because I wound up finishing the game within a week. We streamed a new world every day and it was a pretty neat experience. It was also the first game I finished all year. 

 Once I finished Ziplash, I decided that I wanted to give a game I'd had on break for a while another chance. I had been working on Super Mario 3Dworld for the 3DS. I had never played a Mario side scroller before this, the only Mario games I'd played was Princess Peach, (which I got stuck on and never returned too) and Mario Kart. So not having a grasp on the regular mechanics, let alone the ability to survive the mechanics in a 3d world made the game difficulty quite an understatement. 

  Two weeks after Ziplash, I finished Super Mario 3D Land, and it was glorious!!! Not only did I finish a Mario game, but it was 3D and I did it with very little help. Emboldened by my "new found ability" I moved onto his friend in my game collection. Luigi's Mansion. Now the game mechanics for Luigi are completely different. There's 3d but there's very little jumping. Your mission is to collect a rag tag group of misbehaving ghosts and collect parts of a broken moon that were keeping them docile.  It's not a bad game by any means, it's considered a Nintendo classic after all, but after finishing the first world, I decided to peruse my collection and see what else I could get into. 

 I found Project X Zone 2, now if this seems familiar it's because I picked it up before memorial day last year, and I was playing pretty regularly until I got to the 2nd to last level and got stuck. Yep, you read that right, I made it all the way to practically the end of the game and stopped because I was so frustrated my vision was swimming. I had tried to defeat the last couple levels several times after the first time I stopped but it just was not working for me, last weekend though, I didn't have anywhere to go and I decided to curl up with a Sleeping Alex, Momo, and Kahn, a cup of kool-aid and try to beat it.

I was determined to defeat this game, I started from the very beginning of the level, bought everything my money could afford, maxed out every character's stats and I saved after every turn. That way in case I made an error, I could fix it the next time around. After about three hours of painstaking button mashing, I finally completed Baka Shin and his army of zombie limbs. I literally couldn't believe it. It was finally over. A year and a half of effort spent on it and I was finished. Not even going to lie, watching the end credits and the Twist of Xiomu and Reiji's relationship, I cried. It was over, I had fulfilled my mission, I had stopped Shadaloo and Ouma from taking over, splitting the world into unstable time rifts and creating the ultimate weapon. 

  I haven't touched my PS3 in quite some time and have heavily considering selling or trading it in, along with the games that are gathering dust. In a proactive attempt, I gathered up games that I had completed or games I just knew in my heart of hearts that I wasn't going to play, dropped them into a bag and headed out to Gamestop. 

 I got $66 store credit for them, which I then put towards three new PSVita games because I only had a couple to play and as usual I was stuck and needed to start something new. I wound up buying two pre used games and one new, and only had to spend twenty bucks, it was a steal. I also ordered Root Letter, which I have been drooling over for the longest time. You guys know how batty I get over mysteries, I really do have a problem. It arrived super fast too, so I couldn't wait to put it in and give it a spin. 

 The only thing I know so far is that you are a girl who wanted a pen pal. You write back and forth for a while and then it stops, You're cleaning up and find the letters again. It's been 15 years, and you find a letter that was never opened and had no postmark. Upon opening the letter, you find that your penpal has told you she can no longer write to you because she killed someone. (That's good enough for me, let's start the mystery right?)

  I picked up Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God, which is a dungeon crawler with an adorable (witch) and an even cuter character named Kuu which gives me Makona vibes. You want to save your favorite Curry Shop, by venturing through dangerous dungeons to collect magical ingredients for the ultimate Legendary Curry.

 I picked up Akiba Beat because I was under the impression that it was a dancing game, I've played through the tutorial, which was nothing more than fighting bad guys, and very similar to Akiba Strip, and I haven't seen anything beat like yet, Me thinks I've been duped. The game is beautiful though. 

 I picked up Mei and The Labyrinth of Death, which is also a dungeon crawler, I'm not sure when that became my kind of game, but it's pretty fun. It's very similar to Stella Glow, in that all the mages (witches) of a certain color (element) have been gathered to stop a travesty, their world stops every 70 years and they gather to re-start it. Who thought that was a good idea? 

  What have you guys been playing? Let's Fangirl about them on twitter!

As Always,