Series #40: Television I've been enjoying lately

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  I know it's been a really long time since I've just written about tv since Riverdale, and before that is was a crazy long time. With the amazingness of Hulu, CrunchyRoll and Netflix, You would think that I've been watching tv like there was no tomorrow, but I'm currently only babying about 5 shows. 

 With Pretty Little Liars ending, my heart kind of hurt. I followed that show for so long, I watched every special, I watched every episode, It took a good chunk of my life. I was rooting for the girls, I was trying to solve the mystery, man, you guys I was invested. I'm not saying that the Series Finale was lack luster, but it just wasn't what I expected. Not bad, just different. 

 I recently just finished a couple of shows as well, so this will be a pretty small list. If you guys are enjoying anything that you would think I'd like, make sure to leave them in the comment okay? I finished Guidance, a series produced by Michelle Tratchenburg about figuring out who leaked a student's provacative photos. Castlevania (Netflix) Which wasn't difficult because it might as well have been an OVA. 4 episodes 20 minutes long. It was beautiful and gory, but I got to the end, and I was like what do you mean it's over? Dear White People (Netflix) I absolutely loved it, I was so sad when I realized it was over, Season 2 needs to hurry up, I need to know what happened to Sam and Gabe. STAT! 

 Shows that I'm really into right now are: 

The Bold Type (E4) I'm watching it on Hulu as I don't have cable, but I really am LOVING the content Freeform has been putting out, I've been watching since they were AbC Family but no matter whose running it, there is always something that will capture my attention. I love The Bold Type, because of the diversity, so far I'm counting 5 in the revolving cast of characters. Kat has quickly become my favorite character, and the last episode where they talked about female content creators getting death threats online, was done beautifully!

Rizzoli and Isles (s7) (Hulu) This is the last season and I'm pretty bumbed about it, I'm taking them pretty slowly so I don't get to the end too soon. I haven't really had a police procedural capture my heart quite like Criminal Minds, but it's pretty close, especially with Frosts Death, I cried for dies, like I actually knew him. The pang that I had for the loss of Fictional characters surprised even me, that's how well the episodes are written. This season, R and I are on the hunt for a crazy criminal mastermind, hell bent on destroying Rizzoli, (again)

Guilt (S1) (Hulu) I just started this yesterday, I needed another mystery after Guidance kind of left me with less than to be desired. This one though, has me gripping the seat. Another Freeform original, we follow an American in London, Grace, who is dating a druggie art boyfriend whose french, where they room with an Irish girl named, Molly and A DJ of Color, Roz. They come home from a night of partying to find Molly stabbed 17 times in the kitchen. One thing that makes this show shine is that the amount of suspects. Out of all the mysteries I've watched and read, I've never seen so many suspects in one case. 

Stitchers (s3) (Hulu) This season seems to be all about relationships. Cameron and Kirsten, Linus and Older sis (her name is escaping me), and more importantly, Camille and Amanda. Camille is bisexual and she is dating Amanda, the ME, who is played by Youtube phenomena Anna Asana, who is just great. I'm always wishing for more scenes with them. 

Blackish (S3) (Hulu) I just recently started watching this show. Everyone had been talking about it, and I don't know if it's just me, but that just makes me want to watch it less. Now that I've started, it is so adorable!!! I see a lot of my family in the show, which makes all the jokes even funnier, although I do feel some way about finding the character that represents me the most, is Junior...(I really am a dork.)

Hawaii 5-0 (s4) (Netflix) I've been moving through this pretty quickly, but with the issue of non equal payment for Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim exiting the show, I doubt I'll be watching it for much longer. I absolutely loved the cast of characters and the mysteries were pretty legit, but I can't stand by a show that refuses to pay their actors of color equally, and since they've left how do they even have a show left? Oh Hey, we're a bunch of white police officers with ultimate control in Hawaii, Pretty sure that's just history!

What shows are you watching? Lets Fangirl about it on Twitter. 

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