OOTD: Why Are We Leaving Land?

Hi Gang!

   It is literally such a blast to be doing outfit posts again, it's just kind of stepped my photography and posing game up a bit more. It's also made me less lazy too, I'm trying really hard not to wear a t-shirt and shorts when I go out, I'm putting more thought into how I get dressed, just in case, I decide that I want to do any outfit posts about the day later. 

This particular excursion, Alex and I headed out to our favorite theater to watch Dead Men Tell No Tales, the latest in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. I thoroughly enjoyed the film. The comedy hit a new high, and the exploration of curses and their ability to be broken was unique. The cinematography was stunning, and I was captivated by all of the places they visited. 

  Since we decided to go see Pirates 5, I thought I would dress for the part. I had ordered two dresses from Sourpuss clothing, I wore the Hellbunny one to see Wonder Woman, and this one with the most adorable neckline and sea creature print I decided would be perfect for Pirates. These pictures were taken a couple of days after my accident, so you can see my foot in all of it's bandaged up glory. I tried not to include it too often. 

 One of the awesome things about doing outfit posts with Alex, is that the more photos we take, the less nervous I am. I almost didn't blush at all during this trip. I'm just so much more used to being behind the camera, or taking pictures of myself by myself, that having someone looking at me, is a little stressful. 

                                  Sourpuss Dress | Walmart Shoes | Torrid Strappy Bralette

                                  Sourpuss Dress | Walmart Shoes | Torrid Strappy Bralette