Novels #16: 5 Book Series' that make you wish Magic was real.

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 One of my favorite things to read is fantasy novels. I like stand alones and series, but one of the things I enjoy most about fiction in any medium is that it will transport you to a place that's different from your own. It's honestly one of the things that I live for now that the world is in such a constant array of tomfoolery.

I've had this idea floating around in my head ever since Potter Week but I couldn't figure out a good time to post it. I've read quite a few magical book series in my lifetime and I thought I would gather up a few that give me just a little peace when I need it the most.

  Bunnicula by James Howe. I've written about this series before, it has a whole post dedicated to it. So I'll just give you the run down here. Bunnicula is about a rabbit who sucks the juices from vegetables, he lives with a regular family, who have two other pets, a cat named Chester and a dog named Harold. Harold is the author of the novels and the narrator. It's a fun series about family and having the good enough sense to be frightened when you need to be. There isn't necessarily magic in this series, but it has talking animals, which I consider the same thing.


 Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling. Since these books have an entire series of posts dedicated to them on top of the countless fandom sites and accounts dedicated to them online, again I'll just sprinkle a little knowledge here. Harry Potter begins his 11th year of life thinking it will be the exact same, even though it is anything but. Turns out Harry Potter, is not only a wizard but a famous one! He gets a rather "persistent" invitation to go to Hogwarts and begin his magical training, and the adventures only increase in grandeur from there. This series is full of magic, heartbreak, love, and friendship, and I highly recommend it. I personally wish I could have a broom, just one spell book, and a wand, of course. 

 Inkheart by Cornelia Funke. When I first read this series, I was a middle schooler. I was absolutely enthralled with the premise of the series. You meet Meggie, a wonderful child who enjoys reading (aka me.) one night while her father was reading one of her favorite novels, the villain steps out of the novel, and she is thrust into an adventure to write the hands of time (see what I did there?) before her real life is changed forever.  I would consider switching places with fictional characters not only magic but something I desperately wish I could do. 

  The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting. One thing almost everyone seems to know about me is that I love a good mystery. When I found this series I was overcome with joy. It is both magical and full of mysteries for you to solve, every single one. You meet a girl named Violet who inherited a unique gift from her grandmother. The gift to sense the dead. Not only can she sense the unrested souls of those who have departed before their time, human or animal, but she can also see the echo left behind by the killer. Although, a bit morbid at times, I would love the ability to help souls find their way home. Wouldn't you? 

  The Silver Codex by Emily Kirby. I've actually written about this novel as well before, it was my very first bookish post and I actually have had the pleasure of not only knowing this author but having her guest on Nerdette At Large a couple of times. I'm just going to tell you a few things about the series since I've talked about it before. If this book isn't magic, I don't know what is. You meet Xarissa who just wants to survive high school, but fortunately for her, destiny has other plans. She is chosen to be a scribe by THE muse of horror to collect the crazy things happening in her home town. The story has incredible diversity and inclusivity on top of a bad ass heroine. You'll find magic, witches, wizards, Animorphs and more in this series, which is how I know it belongs on the list. 

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