Adventures with Spokhette #22: The Comic Shop

Hi Gang,

 Only one more post for my Cali Travels series! We were on our way to a Buffalo Wild Wings in cali when we rolled by a comic shop. I immediately wanted to stop by and check it out but of course it was closed. So I made it the mission to check it out bright and early the next day.


 I think it was pretty unique that shop was literally just called THE Comic Shop, and as I went through my list I realized that I actually didn't have another shop with the same name. Everyone went super bold with the names and the one that would actually come to mind I guess just slipped through the cracks. 


 There were so many comics, but since I had started a pull list at Rockin' Rooster in my hometown, I figured I would only pick up a graphic novel, or a trade back if I found one that interested me, but of course I did, and I walked out with four new trade backs to read. I'm really excited about the Mockingbird one because of the ridiculousness I never got issue 5, so now I have the whole series, I can read it and then I can start on my newest article for Her Story Arc! 


  I wound up picking up Nightwing Rebirth 1 and 2, because I'm way behind, Titans 1 because it seemed interesting and ya'll know how much I love me some Dick Grayson, and then Mockingbird rounded out my haul. One of my favorite things about the shop is that the keeper actually hand painted the designs and characters that you see on the walls. 


What are you reading? Do you buy Comics out of state? Let's talk on Twitter about it! 

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