August Favorites

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  Am I the only one feeling like now that it's almost fall 2017 has decided to slow down a little bit? Maybe it's because all of my favorite Holidays are coming up and Fall is my 2nd favorite season of the year, but I feel like time has finally gotten itself together, especially since it has seemed to be zooming for the first half. I guess it got that speeding ticket after all. Here are a few things I loved in the month of August. 

 I'm not sure why I didn't talk about my California vacation for the July Favorites, so I'll just slide it in here. My mother, sister and I went to San Francisco and it was so magical. I wanted to stay behind so badly. I could have gotten a job, we have real family out there, I seriously could have made it happen. The weather was so nice, it was like spring without rain for an entire week! No serious humidity and it was a cool heat if that even made sense. I got to visit wax museums and comic book shops and then there were days when we just drove around the city or relaxed by the pool. It was great. I've got about four posts worth of content on the trip which you'll have seen most of by the time you read this! Here's the vlog!


 The only movie we managed to get out and see was Baby Driver this month, but it was well worth it. I wasn't sure what it was really about but of the trailers alone it had been on my list to see. I know it's not my usual kind of film, but something about it had peaked my interest, so one Saturday afternoon in August, we went out to see it and did a little shopping. I absolutely loved every minute of the film. It made me laugh, it made me cry, it caught me by surprise! Definitely something I want to add to my film collection. 


  I had the opportunity to photograph my very first wedding! Oh my goodness it was so amazing. Having someone recommend you for a gig and then you get it? The best feeling in the world gang. I was so nervous, the camera never left my hand, I think I must have taken at least 600 pictures and like 20 videos! Of course, I have a few of my favorites, and they're available to view on my photography website


  I'm not sure how I really missed America Chavez by Riviera but oh my goodness it's something you must read immediately! Issue one was just sitting on the shelf minding its own business, and I'd heard of her, but didn't really know anything about her, so I picked it up and took it home with me, and then turned right around and picked up issues 2-5 and now I'm all caught up and ready for the next printing, I LOVE her, if you read Comics Roundup #31 you'll know all about it, she's just a bad ass brown Queer babe, and she's GREAT representation. The inclusivity you'll find in this comic ya'll! Don't sleep on it, seriously. 


  What are some of your favorite things from August? Let's Fangirl about it on Twitter. 

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