Nerdette Minute #58: Spokhette Does Cali VLOG

Hi Guys,

 I know I'm rolling out my vacation content a little slow, but bare weith me. I had a little love hate conversation with my youtube channel and we both left feeling better about ourselves. Honestly, it was pretty bad, I was putting out content to hit a time line instead of doing it because I wanted to and I felt like a few of my videos were lackluster, and it was making me feel bad, so I took a step back to put out content that I enjoy and that I want to watch and hopefully that will bring along other people who will enjoy the new content. 

I'm all about Cali in this vlog! You'll see car footage, graffiti, wax figures and palm trees, hope you enjoy it.  As always don't forget to like my videos and subscribe to my channel so you don't miss out. 

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As Always,