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 I know I haven't been uploading on Youtube lately, but that defintely doesn't mean I haven't been using it. I'm currently working on unveiling my new videos but until then, I thought I would talk about some of my favorite channels. I have quite a few subscriptions going on right now, but here are seven that I am always tuning in for. 

Catguts: A death positive mortician with an adorable sense of fashion and love of Studio Ghibli. Her editing is beautiful and she blogs about her life in decently sized video timelines, because she likes to disappear from time to time. Expect artsy shots, amazing places, and an adorably sarcastic ginger. 


EmmmaBooks: A Loud and Proud booktuber, you can count on emma for bright and unique thoughts on all the most fascinating YA reads. I thoroughly enjoy her talks with Michael The Book Lion and her educational, Booktube 101 series. Her videos are fun and informative. She's also a Shadowhunter fan if you're into that. 


Clothesencounters: What was once a personal style vlog by Jenn and Sarah, has evolved into a lifestyle channel that makes you wish for the finer things. You follow Jenn, her fiance Ben and their dog Cheekie, on adventures all over the LA area and more. I love how sweet and funny she is, and that despite everything she has going on, there's always room for a good book. She has just released her Clothing Line Eggie, and I absolutely love her style. 


Tashaleelyn: A D.I.Y. DYE princess. Her channel began with wild colored hair and how to dye it yourself to a happy lifestyle channel. She loves her colors, and her channel covers fashion, how to adult and hairstyles.  Her videos are bright and fun. 


Frannerd: An chilean illustrator making a killing in Hastings, her videos are adorable and fresh. She sits down and chats with you about almost anything, but a decent amount of her videos are about becoming an illustrator and the do's and don'ts. She not only gives art advice but how to create terms and conditions, contracts and lack of motivation. Her voice is super calming, sometimes I just turn on a video playlist of her and work on Nerdette At Large. She should narrate a children's book. 


HeyClaire: A Makeup Artist turned youtuber, Claire talks about Makeup fashion and her life. Her editing skills are bomb and I find her videos so enjoyable that I sometimes watch them more than once. She talks about her trials, tribulations and how she's going to figure out her next steps. She's also super vocal about her tattoos which I love.  


HeyAshleyTea: A Non Nude Cam Model and artist, her youtube is all about a healthy lifestyle, and getting to know her. Her editing skills are decent and her videos are very enjoyable. She also clears up any misconceptions you may have about cam models and sex work online, She's very informative. 


Who are some of your favorite Youtubers? Let's Chat about it on Twitter!

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