A Solar Eclipse Adventure, Kind Of.

Hi Gang!

 I was so excited about the Solar Eclipse in the middle of August. We had so many plans, but the best laid plains sometimes fail. We had this idea of packing a picnic and traveling into the path of totality and vlogging/photographing the adventure. What had happened was... It can be broken down into three different things. One, in order to travel to the path of totality was a 5 hour drive. That's 5 hours for about 2 minutes of darkness. Two, it was happening at 2:28p.m. in the afternoon, which means an even earlier start for the drive. Third, We realized we could literally just walk outside our house and look up, and so that's exactly what I did. 


 We literally snuggled into the bed and talked about how cool it would be and then we got out of the bed and went into the backyard to oggle at the sight. Not only were we able to see the eclipse, but we could also see the trail of some type of machine following the eclipse.


 Did you do anything for the eclipse? I hope you didn't buy any funky plants! Let's talk about it on Twitter and connect on Instagram!

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