Ink Adventures #3: Birthdays In Space.

Hi Gang!

  Time really got away from me in July and August! I even forgot to tell you guys about my birthday! I had an itch for a new tattoo almost as soon as I left the studio when I got my quote and raven. I was honestly pretty proud of my self control because I got those done the day before Easter, and I waited all the way until the 22nd of July to get my latest one. 


 I had been batting between these two ideas for my love of Star Trek. I was really stuck between getting Pon Farr in really pretty script on the back of my thighs, and then it turned into Vulcan Calligraphy, and then it couldn't be horizontal it had to be vertical, and then in the end I decided on the insignia and my favorite planets. 


 My Favorite Planets are Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn. So I definitely wanted that to be represented in my tattoo. It was also the first time I wanted to add some serious color. So I had Saturn's rings colored in, and Uranus. Jupiter has lines for the gas clouds and I couldn't be happier. It also makes me feel mentally better, because now my tattoos are semi even, and not so right heavy.


 Even though I added color, It was still the fastest tattoo. I don't even think I was there a half an hour! It's September now, so I don't feel bad about already outlining the next one. It's based on a book series I'll reveal it a little later when it's closer to being finished. I'm so excited to add another piece of my fandom to my skin.

 Do you guys have tattoos? Do you want some? Let's Chat about it on Twitter!  

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