Novels #17: To Be Read Week one

Hi Gang!

 I've been wanting to do one of these for a while now. I've been reading up a storm lately, and even though I don't read critically, I still have a few things to say about the novels that I finish. I'm worried that it isn't enough for an entire post per book, so I thought I would wrap them all up into one. So once a week, I'll write about the books that I'm reading and then I will post the review on Goodreads, and on my Instagram. 


   Here's what I'm currently reading. 

 - Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase: Carolyn Keene

 - Nancy Drew Files #11: Heart of Danger: Carolyn Keene

 - The Great Mouse Detective: Basil and the Cave of the Pygmy Cats: Eve Titus

 - Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries #1: Cocaine Blues: Kerry Greenwood

 - Nevernight: Jay Kristoff

 What are you guys reading? Let's Fangirl about it on Twitter, Goodreads or Instagram!

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