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 I missed you guys! Sorry about that little break, my sister, mother and I took a week long vacation to the amazing state of California, checked out San Francisco and more. I've been wanting to move to California since I turned 18, so it was a dream come true vacation. I didn't get to explore as much as I wished I did, but it was definitely better than nothing. I was so excited about the vacation and the chance to brainstorm somewhere different, I didn't queue up any content for the week away and I apologize for that. 

 But! I'm back, and so is my content! After some deliberation and voting from the super helpful readers of my twitter feed, I have decided that I will keep doing Youtube Videos. I guess I was just having a rough patch because as soon as it was halfway through the voting process, I was like...I want to make another youtube video! Nerdette Minute is here to stay and will be updated every Thursday. Nerdette At Large will continue to update Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I'm currently writing for Her Story Arc, a monthly series, Fangirling about Fictional Female Role Models and Quirktastic as a Geekery Intern. Soon you will be able to find my content on The Sonic Breakdown!

  I've been reading a bunch since joining Goodreads and I'm on book 11 of my 40 this year challenge! I'm working on Elementary She Read by Vicki Delany and just recently finished The Perfect Husband by Lisa Gardner. It was AMAZING! The mystery kept me enthralled until the very end. You may have noticed my Instagram has turned a bit bookish over the last couple of weeks. I just don't take enough notes while reading to do entire blog posts about them, but I'm more than comfortable writing a few sentences in a caption, so you can find what I'm reading and what I like on Goodreads and Instagram if you're interested in that kind of stuff. 

  A lot of my traffic comes from Twitter. I've had twitter longer than most of my social media, it began in the early days of my blog and college career. I'm pretty opinionated on my blog but I'm unabashedly so on twitter. A close to my heart cause is Sexual Positivity. I write about it on Twitter a lot, and I'm very interested in introducing that to Nerdette At Large. This could be anything from interviews with other sex positive creators such as Feral Creature, Vex Ashley to personal thoughts on how sex positive women are viewed and their content utilized online. 

 In the Gaming category, I am currently working on Project X Zone for the 3DS and Root Letter/Sorcery Saga for the PSVita. You may be wondering why I am working backward in the PXZ series, see what had happened was... I had bought the original, a LONG time ago, and found myself unable to get into it. So it sat and sat and sat some more, and then I bought the 2nd one and it just seemed to move faster. So I picked it up, and never quite put it down. Now that I've finished it, I figured I should play the first one.  It definitely moves slower, but it's still pretty fun, I've just hit chapter 4, I'm being introduced to a bunch of characters that I've never seen before, but there are the crowd favorites like Morrigan, Chun li, Ryu, and Ken. I'm looking forward to getting to know the new guys. 

 What have you guys been up too? Let's Fangirl on Twitter about it! 

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