July Favorites

Hi Gang!

 Can you believe yet another month has passed? Where is 2017's speeding ticket? Time's ability to pass without me really paying attention is starting to get out of control. It's now August and that brings us the close of another month and my list of things that I loved. 

 - I wrote about the insensitivity in The Dead Inside on my Goodreads, and then the author apologized!

- Getting my 5th tattoo on my 26th birthday. 

- Having the opportunity to practice my portraiture. 

- Trading in older games (10) and getting new ones (4). Root Letter is easily my favorite right now. 

- Going to see Spiderman: Homecoming. I liked this one a LOT more than I thought I would, I felt like it wasn't an origin story, they just created a story that had Peter Parker in it, and I thoroughly appreciated it. The inclusivity was pretty great too! I fell in love with MJ's Devil May Cry Attitude. 

- Getting the opportunity to travel to California, with my sister and my mom. Don't worry, I took all the photos, you'll be seeing posts soon. 

- Finishing The Perfect Husband by Lisa Gardner. The plot was so wild, I don't think I've read a mystery so crazy! I loved every minute of it, and for a debut novel, that's pretty wild praise. 

- Starting Elementary She Read by Vicki Delany, I am definitely a Sherlockian, and when I found this sitting on the shelf, I knew I had to read it. The protagonist owns a shop all about Sherlock and discovers a valuable collectible in her shop that wasn't there before, there's a murder, and her detection skills are on point. I'm loving it already. 

- I finished Guidance this month, and I am absolutely loving the Bold Type right now! 

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