Series #41: Guidance Season One

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  Last time I wrote about television I was talking about shows I was really enjoying. I mentioned Guidance which I watched on Hulu. Produced by and starring Michelle Trachtenberg. If you are new to my content, I love to write, I was introduced to journaling in the 2nd grade, and a little later, Harriet The Spy, came out in theaters. It is still one of my favorite films, You can thank that character for my love of blogging, quite honestly. So whenever I see Michelle, I generally watch whatever she's in. Putting my fangirlism aside, let's get into what I loved about this show. 

  The gist of the show is that the popular girl walks into school to find out that "provocative" pictures of her have been released to a popular disappearing photo app. You follow the guidance counselor as she interviews anyone who would have had something to do with the release of the photos, or just generally hate her. I was sucked in because it appeared as a mystery, but it was really just a show about a game of eliminations. 

  The show was well put together and Michelle produced well, but there were a few moments that were cringe-worthy. I was annoyed that no one really gave the guidance counselor a chance. At every turn, it seemed they were patting her head and telling her to do better, with no real listening to her hunches or newly found clues. 

  I felt some way about the entire show. I enjoyed it, but it made me think. They absolutely went off the deep end about the pictures of this girl. I get it, the girl in the pictures didn't release them herself. My issue was with the tone of the series. It was very judgy, which I can sort of understand, because she is a high schooler, so she may not be 18 and legal. At the beginning, I just felt uncomfortable about how judgmental the tone of the show was, but it didn't occur to me that it might be because she was underage, until I went back and read through my notes. The Victim Shaming tone for the first two episode just made me really uncomfortable. 

 The character, Bridget, was a bit of an oxymoron. She wanted to create a feminist club at her school but gladly destroyed another girl just because. There is a special ring in a hell for women that don't support other women. You can disagree with other women, you can decide that you don't like the way they do something surely. However, to create accounts to bully them, to join in the cyber bullying about them that are already going on, is not. She enjoyed making Miriam's life miserable just because she could and that's not ok. Women should support women, we should be lifting each other up, not tearing them down. 

 I felt that it was an interesting twist to make the bad guy who they did. (Don't want to spoil), One of the things that irked me the most was that the villain never apologized, they were never sorry for the pain and loss that they caused Miriam. They were sorry they got caught, they weren't sorry for the damage done. They were more concerned with other people understanding why they did it. 

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