Comics #32 : Batgirl: Issues 4-15

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 It's been almost a week since I've written, I think that's the longest break I've taken in a while. Nothing is particularly wrong I think, I just needed some time away from my computer. While I was away, I was able to catch up on some comics and I have some thoughts. As always, Slight Spoilers, read at your own risk. I also have a review for Issue 15 at Comicosity!


  I've always been a fan of callbacks to stories from before when it comes to comic books. I love me some continuity you guys. Velvet Tiger, was featured, in her Fletcher, Tarr, Stewart Design. I've been reading Batgirl for a while and I love when either, I come across a new rogue one made especially for her, or one so obscure that I've never come across them before. The son of the Penguin, Blacksun was definitely a unique story I wasn't expecting. 


  A big thing that keeps me coming back to Batgirl, is the amount of technology, and science that governs her solutions to problems presented to her, and how they affect her world. One particular story that does great with this, is the Missing Ms. Sato, It's my 2nd favorite run, the story was absolutely epic, and how they turned it from a ghost story to a girl trapped between dimensions? Priceless storytelling right there. 

  My Favorite things about issues 14 and 15 are that they are a throwback story. it mixes the past with the present and we get to learn about Bab's past. I've been reading Batgirl for a while, and I still learned something new. 


 Although Dick and Kori are growing on me, thanks to DC animated Films, Babs and dick will always be the one true pair. Can we talk about how adorably quaint their first costumes were? Domino masks and bodysuits with Capes? The entire arc just had this air of nostalgia that I really enjoyed. 

  Mad Hatter is one of my favorite Rogues in Batman's gallery. Using sound to hypnotize people into doing your bidding? Although his abilities are pretty amazing, I really do think it has to do with the Alice In Wonderland theme, I'm a sucker for it. 


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