Series #42: The Bold Type Season 1

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 You all know how I feel about television. That sometimes I really love it but it could always be improved upon. There could be real inclusivity, there could be fewer tropes, there could be more sexual freedom and so forth and so on. Not every show can be perfect, but if there ever was one, The Bold Type would be in the running. 


 Taking Pretty Little Liar's place in the Tuesday lineup after their series finale. I'm still hung up on it which is why you haven't gotten a post about it yet, but it's in the works I promise. Is the Bold Type, following three professional women working for a magazine named Scarlet as it begins to become a more powerful and feminist voice on the newspaper stands. 

 Meet Kat, Jane, and Sutton as they navigate their positions, and learn about themselves along the way. Kat, who has always had commitment issues and thought of herself as straight, finds that sometimes you just need the right person to make you explore just beyond what you are spoon fed. In charge of the magazine's social media, she is a force to be reckoned with and representation for any female content creator who has dealt with a less than friendly internet troll. 


 Jane, a writer, yearns to break the magazine of its fashion and lackluster political climate by writing incredible think pieces and feminist viewed interviews. I was incredibly moved by her interview with the Finance agent turned stripper and the eye-opening consequences of not quite getting it. 

 Sutton, an assistant, dreams of being able to do fashion, even though she has absolutely no experience, after hard work and dedication she begins a new position with Oliver, head of the fashion department and I absolutely admire her determination to fight for what she wants. 


There are three things that I really took away from this series, things that really resonated with me.

One: As a female content creator, the first thing we have to deal with is the rude way people comment. Trolls in particular and some of them are down right vicious, leaking out personal information and pictures in order to either illicit a response or to say they won. When Kat deals with this in "The Women Behind the Clothes" my sense of relief that they actually did this, and they actually got it right. It really was something we needed, especially after the Make Mine Milkshakes Debacle. 

Two: These women are strong, they know what they want, but not necessarily how to get it. They struggle, they're just like us, and some of them actually look like us, and it actually takes into the writing consideration for situations their viewers might actually be living at the present moment. Adina the feminist photographer, suffers a racial verbal assault, and then later is affected by the repeal of DACA, and her visa not being renewed. She is thus sent to Peru, a place she does NOT call home. Dreamers will be going through this if Congress doesn't get their lives together before March 5th, Please contact your congressman and tell them what's what. 


Three: The tender care in which they handled victims of sexual assault. Everyone deals with the after effects differently. Some are able to shoulder the burden and some aren't. As a rape victim, I wish I had something like Mia, a community or a group for comfort. When everything around you is telling you it's your fault, it can be absolutely devastating. Rape in television is very rarely resolved properly, and most often used as a plot device, The Bold Type defied this and did it so very well. I actually cried during the finale. It was perfect, they are precious and I need this show to have a second season.


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